Fri 29 May 2015 2:54PM

Bug fixing in QGIS processing - Collaboration with Boundless

AN Andreas Neumann Public Seen by 161

Processing plays an increasingly important role in QGIS. It is also more and more used by our users. With more users and more functionality, there is also an increasing amount of bugs related to Processing in our bug queue.

Victor would be willing to dedicate one week of paid bug fixing for each upcoming release. We also asked Ann Johnson (Boundless CEO) if they would support the idea and schedule Victors time accordingly. The proposed hourly rate would be at Euro 100, like with Jürgen or most other devs. Since the Boundless hourly rates are usually higher, they would internally subsidize the rates we pay.

Looking at our finances I think we can afford to have Victor join the other devs at the above proposed hourly rate.

Please join the discussion and let me know what you think.


Paolo Cavallini Fri 29 May 2015 4:32PM

Agreed fully, thanks for this.


Anita Graser Fri 29 May 2015 4:33PM

We currently have a mechanism in place to pick devs. Victor wasn't on the list for 2.10. Do you see the need to fast-track him onto the list? Or is this a more general discussion for 2.12?


Paolo Cavallini Fri 29 May 2015 4:36PM

Anita, you are right; however, I would be flexible in this case: with ~ 100 tickets, it is important to have Processing in good shape.


Anita Graser Fri 29 May 2015 6:02PM

I fully support the move to put Processing in the focus of attention since I think it has great potential to be the central spatial analysis toolbox in QGIS.


Tim Sutton Sat 30 May 2015 7:40AM

I also support this. No reason why we can't just update the developer roll spreadsheet to include Victor and quickly vote to see whether everyone agrees. I have updated the spreadsheet - PSC please vote there since that document is private.