Discussion regarding the development of a site assement process: 5 Star cultural rating

TPH Tom Paul Haynes Public Seen by 2

People need to come in proper way on to the site: This is sustainabilty grounded in reality. Projects need to make a practical cultural assessment -

5 - Going way above and beyond to re-eliven the dreaming of the Land.

4 - Treaty private trust - treaty with the local Custodians.

3 - TBA?

2 - Understanding the animal totem of the site and planting, planning with this totem in mind, working to connect with the Displaced tribes

1 - Foundation community guided by local Custodians of the land, Forest smelling you through the Smoking Ceremony, reducing the feeling of stranger danger

0 - Not taking care of a sacred site, living on a massacre site, etc., 1st mistake is not connecting with the Custodians of the land