Fri 19 Oct 2018 8:07PM

Open App Ecosystems for Economic Networks

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This is a discussion group for projects that are developing open apps for economic networks. Several such projects are known to exist, and some have been introduced in other OAE threads. I'd like to collect them all here and invite others who are doing something similar to add their info, and see if we can get some useful discussions going.

I'll add the projects I know about in a comment. If you were not listed, please forgive the omission and add yourself below.

People who are not yet part of such a project are also invited to add yourself and maybe find or start a project.



Bob Haugen Fri 19 Oct 2018 8:42PM

Here are the projects that I know about that are developing open apps for P2P economic networks using decentralized, distributed, or federated infrastructures. I am sure I missed something.
* @luandrovieira announced an open apps project in Moinho Brazil using Scuttlebutt and mesh networks called Moinho Mesh. Other scuttlebutts are collaborating with them.
* The Open Coop Ecosystem project spun off from FairCoop and is targeting ActivityPub for its first infrastructure. It aims to combine social and economic networks. @lynnfoster @ivan116 @mayel and me are involved.
* The OCE project is targeting the same ActivityPub server that @mayel and others are developing for MoodleNet, an educational network.
* https://www.communecter.org/ is also developing open apps for social and economic networks. @tiborkatelbach is involved. Here is one of their repos: https://github.com/pixelhumain/buildingCommons
* The ValueFlows vocabulary project is defining a suite of apps and aims to deploy them on more than one infrastructure, including ActivityPub, Holochain, and Scuttlebutt. @lynnfoster @elfpavlik and me are involved, among others.
* Here's an intro to the Holo-REA project which is a collaboration between ValueFlows and David Hand from Sensorica. It just got started and doesn't have much to show yet.

P.S. I am only mentioning individuals that I can ping with an @mention here (except for David Hand because he is mostly leading that project and might get here). Other people are involved in all of those projects.


Bob Haugen Fri 19 Oct 2018 8:58PM

I think there are probably some other open economic apps evolving in the Solid project, AKA Inrupt.


Bob Haugen Tue 9 Apr 2019 12:34PM

Yes! https://app.solidbase.info/

budgeting for solidarity based food systems


Bob Haugen Tue 9 Apr 2019 12:30PM

Congratulations to https://opencredit.network/ and @olisb !

The Open Credit Network is a cooperative of businesses who have come together, under a simple shared agreement, in order to trade with each other without the need for hard cash.


Bob Haugen Tue 9 Apr 2019 5:36PM

@olisb https://opencredit.network/2019/03/22/introducing-mutual-credit/ looks like they will be exchanging goods and services as well as mutual credits. Or do I misunderstand?


Oli SB Wed 10 Apr 2019 12:07PM

Thanks for spotting this Bob and recognizing what we are up to... this is only the first phase of a much larger plan... but we are trying to form our org with the right governance and ownership structures from the outset.

Businesses which trade within the Open Credit Network do so in credits. Every member gets an interest free line of credit when they join and offer goods and services to the network. Goods and services are only ever exchanged for credits - not directly for other goods and services, as per regular mutual credit. Hope that's clear? Maybe I need to clarify that on the site?


Bob Haugen Wed 10 Apr 2019 12:53PM

No, that was all clear. But goods and services need a bit more infrastructure than credits, if the network plans to identify and track them. Not a problem, just a question of what all you will need to run the system. Some mutual credit networks never identify the goods and services beyond some categories and text that accompany an offer or request.


Lynn Foster Sat 24 Aug 2019 3:27PM

Hi all, wanted to let you know we have released v.3 of ValueFlows at https://valueflo.ws. Has some changes, is close to final scope, some examples, a graphql reference and a json-schema reference in addition to the usual linked open data doc. We're planning to keep it stable for the current round of projects that want to use it (a handful), then do another iteration based on that feedback. Questions welcome! And happy to collaborate directly with other projects that are interested!