Tue 22 Nov 2016 4:52PM

November Check-ins (Relaunching the concept!)

F Francesca Public Seen by 123

Hi everyone,

some of you maybe remember that inspired by Enspiral, we started Quarterly Check-ins on Loomio last year to give people a channel to share what is currently going on with them/in their local community professionally!

Since I've been getting many people sending me their updates 1-1 lately, I thought it would be nice to give this another try for this information to be shared with everyone!


It is not mandatory to share an update, it is simply an invitation to share with the rest of the community. Length, detail and topic are not defined either, it is up to everyone to write what they would like :).

Read more about the idea of check-ins

Would love to hear from many of you!

Ping @martinu


Tony Bacigalupo Tue 22 Nov 2016 5:09PM

Great idea, Francesca! I love this.

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this group, having just joined after a catchup call with Francesca last week.

* I ran one of NYC's first coworking spaces, New Work City, from 2008-2015. Now I am building a network of like-minded collaborative communities around the world to share resources and develop more impactful efforts. Learn more: http://nwc.co
* I also manage a nonprofit that runs coworking.org, which provides the free platforms that power the decentralized coworking movement.
* I'm also organizing the Denver Positive Platforms Design Jam in December. If anyone on here is in that part of the world, please reach out!


Generally speaking, I'm looking to take the experience I have building coworking communities, running unconferences, public speaking, etc and find a company to work with to build more effective programming that will help people make the transition to the new way of work.

My hypothesis is that work is changing too drastically too quickly for many people to handle, leaving them scared for their future and vulnerable to manipulation by despots.

We can defuse this situation by exposing people to paths they may not have realized are available to them through local communities of empowered peers.

I think coworking communities offer a natural entry point for this, as they're already established in spaces everywhere in the world, but the potential there is still largely unrealized.

If anyone wants to talk about how we might go about better realizing that potential, I'd love to chat :-)


Allison Levine Tue 6 Dec 2016 9:54PM

Hey! :) How's the WordPress site going? I heard (through Workfrom) that you're also working on this, which looks very cool: https://allgoodwork.space

Re: helping more people transition through coworking communities, I'm interested in discussing this and I also think increasing racial and gender diversity in these spaces is going to be key. That's something we're currently tackling at Collective Agency. Do you know of any resources that could help us achieve this?


Juan Pablo Espinosa Wed 7 Dec 2016 12:38AM

:smiley: @tonybgoode Tony interesting project, and contact wit you through web page of http://nwc.co/.


Tony Bacigalupo Thu 8 Dec 2016 5:46AM

Thanks! I keep running into challenges on the web site efforts, but that's to be expected. I just need to be patient :-)

Yes, AGW is picking up steam fast now! Very exciting prospects for the future.

I know your coworker Alex has a thread going in the Coworking Google Group already; I'd say that's your best bet for now.

The only thing I may add as far as fostering diversity is an idea I've had to partner with local Meetup groups that focus on the areas you want to support, perhaps to co-host coworking sessions specifically for at Meetup group's members.

It's something I'm hoping to pilot here in Boulder with Girl Develop It and others at some point.

Best of luck!


Allison Levine Mon 12 Dec 2016 5:17AM

That sounds awesome, let us know how it goes.


Alexandre Bigot-Verdier Tue 22 Nov 2016 6:42PM

Hello @tonybacigalupo1, good to know there are more people active in NYC. We were there 2 weeks ago for Platform Coop with some OuiShare people.

Update from Quebec that con find visualy check (in french) here https://prezi.com/v5m7q9vgmrsw/1610-cr-projets-ouishare-chalet/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy:

1/ Eco2fest (www.eco2fest.com)
First edition has been quite a success in august 2016 : 4 of the 5 accelerated projects continue their road to commercialization. The fith one is in standby since the holder joined our team instead!
A team is currently brainstorming about a new format for 2017 : a 6 months accelerator for local open source projects (we might keep the sust devt theme) following our partner (foire ecosphére) who is keen on employing a resource to help us in this task. More to come
main contributors : @martinu

2/Research and studies
We just delivered our first study to the QC governement, it will be made public in few weeks (after some "cuttings" by the gov). It was our first "paid" project and we used the "open value network" model to share the benefits between the members.
Read it in french here : https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0Bz0NzYKOFffMQi0yQkVKa1pyaUk

3/ Ecole du collaboratif
In order to maintain the attention and mobilize our close community, we launched l'École du collaboratif (former OuiShare drinks but we needed a french name). A monthly event democratizing one theme but putting people at work together (not just a conference)

4/ OuiShare Territoires
We had the official "go" to help one of the municipalities of Montreal to become a "territoire collaboratif". Works should begin in early 2017
A second territory wants us to lead a collaborative approach with its population before opening a network of 5 collab places (fablab, alimentation coop, coworking space, maker space, ...). They validated our proposition, we are waiting for them unlocking the budget. Should begin in mid 2017

5/ Mobility
We made a commercial proposition to Michelin who is organizing a huge event (chalenge bibendum) in MTL in 2017. With their financial contribution, we may partner with an acceleraiton initiave about mobility to make a greater one and make Michelin's event the final day.
We are waiting for their validation


Bernie J Mitchell Mon 5 Dec 2016 5:08PM

@alexmtl - have you connected with our new OuiShare Radio Crew member Trevor from Coworking Niagra?


Bernie J Mitchell Mon 5 Dec 2016 5:07PM

Who is this @tonybgoode guy? ;-)


Francesca Tue 6 Dec 2016 3:39PM

He's a new ouishare member who has been part of the NYC community - from the coworking world - you should talk to him :)


Juan Pablo Espinosa Wed 7 Dec 2016 1:33AM

Hi, I'm new in the OuiShare neighborhood, a community I met not more than 6 months ago through some interesting posts of what the cities in the world were doing; After this contact @albertcanigueral to explore if we could take the movement to Ecuador. Now we are in Quito and we are already more than 100 members in the community and we have already made two Drinks focused on Crowfunding and Collaborative Mobility. Also a few weeks ago I was able to attend as a fellowship at the event Cooperativa en Rio, I was able to apply one of the values ​​of OS, "Connection in real life". The experience was simply spectacular and enriching.

A little about me: from 2010 to 2014 I work very close to the Mayor of Quito, where I was able to coordinate the preparation of the Quito Agenda 2022 a digital and socially innovative city, which allowed me to be very close to the smart cities movement , arriving to present even the proposal in the SCE of Barcelona, ​​Bolognia, etc.

I have also been able to participate in virtual teaching in topics of intelligent management of energy with the Interamerican Development Bank ( IDB) , management of urban projects with Centor Iberoamericano de Desarrollo Estrategio Urbano (CIDEU) and currently ICT skills and digital empowerment with Center Studies of Broad Band (www.ceabad.com) (located in Nicaragua but with influence throughout Central America)

I am currently an Advisor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of www.ciudadyachay.com, the first city of knowledge in Ecuador where we are going to include 29 projects that I want to promote work on principles of collaborative economics, horizontal organizations and everything related to the new economy.

With respect to OuiShare, we are taking advantage of the initial momentum of its creation in Quito to:

  • We are consolidating a small group of managers who are learning principles of the organization ( 12)
  • We are defining the first joint work project (mobility, food and goods exchange are the final options)
  • In January we will have our third drink focused on collaborative territories taking advantage of the presence of share.nl team in Ecuador
  • In February we hope to have our first talk about new political leadership (1 week before the election of the new president of the country)
  • We are working on preparing a strong proposal for the development of the Collaborative Economy for analysis of the IDB

That's all for now, I hope to have your answer and know more about the rest of the community and their friends

Un abrazo



Francesca Sun 11 Dec 2016 5:03PM

That is awesome progress, congrats @juanpaespi !!


Bernie J Mitchell Wed 7 Dec 2016 10:00AM

I know! 😜