Sun 24 Aug 2014 5:29PM

Production Schedule

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Quick discussion around production, feedback, and decision-making schedule


REBECCA PETZEL Sun 24 Aug 2014 5:52PM

Hi folks,

Wanted to check-in on the production timeline and when feedback is and isn't helpful. I started some sorting / editing on the text of the mindset cards IRL that I haven't had time to transfer to the spreadsheet, and am wondering now if it makes sense to update the spreadsheet?


Eugene Eric Kim Sun 24 Aug 2014 5:53PM

Thanks for starting this thread, @rebeccapetzel. Regarding v0.5 — we're trying to have new cards printed by this Friday, August 29, as we want cards ready by the following week, and we lose a day from Labor Day weekend.

The bigger need at this point is finalizing the mindsets / values. I worked on it some yesterday, and will finish up today. If anyone doesn't mind doing some Sunday work, I'd value your help, as this has been harder than I thought.

Beyond v0.5, I'd like to start running this project like an open source project, meaning more discussions in the open and much more transparency. Using Loomio was a starting point, and frankly, we should figure out whether Loomio is the best platform for this. But we should do other things, like have a public roadmap / issue tracker, open up the Google Drive folder, etc.

Would love to hear people's thoughts!


Eugene Eric Kim Sun 24 Aug 2014 5:56PM

@rebeccapetzel, you and I posted at the same time! It would make sense to update the spreadsheet, and I'm around for a chat if you'd like to coordinate. Thanks!

For other people's reference, the spreadsheet is now publicly viewable and commentable at:


If you'd like edit access, let me know.


REBECCA PETZEL Mon 25 Aug 2014 1:49AM

Hi Eugene,

Looks like some great updates! Unfortunately my mindset cards are down at home, and I'm at Aaron's sans car (and with an injured foot) so unable to incorporate my additions today. I'll comment on the other friend re: where you're going.