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I’m lonely, what can I do?

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Please post updates below:
- Photos of meet-up activities
- Photo or list of any notes
- Names of attendees
- Dates of future meet-ups
- Links to any online planning spaces like Facebook groups etc.


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I’m lonely/bored, what can I do? Closed Thu 8 Feb 2018 11:29AM

How do you want to respond to this question/provocation? Do you support the argument, oppose it or want to rephrase it ?


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Call Out - Conceptual/Physical Interests in Gaming - ask - @jazminmorris


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Tate Exchange like your call out :)


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From the wall at Chelsea MakerSpace 06-11-17


Jazmin Morris Fri 24 Nov 2017 4:33PM

The gaming collective had it's first meetup yesterday and it went really well!
Thanks again to everyone who came along. (Benny BAISD, Miles MATextiles, Lee MAFA, Jazmin BAFA)
Just to recap what was discussed;
- Working towards a prototype/ presentation for the Tate late in January
- Responding to the question 'I am lonely what can I do?'
- Should we do the obvious and create a game or should we explore other options around the gaming and production theme... Eg: A proposal, a physical game, a board game, a narrative
- Everyone seemed interesting in having a strong narrative element in whatever we create
- Something interactive and fun, possibly multiplayer
- We should create a theme to work around aswell as the question we are exploring Eg: Gender, social/political issues
- We want to make it accessible to the public, including children
I will be arranging the meeting for next week at the back end of this weekend. Anyone is still welcome and I really hope to see the original attendee's again! Let's bring some ideas with us next week so that we can begin brainstorming and creating!


Jazmin Morris Tue 28 Nov 2017 3:35PM

The gaming collective had it's second meeting yesterday.
Thank you to those of you that attended; Miles MATextiles & Jake Graduate of video games design!
We had a really productive conversation about the practical direction in which to approach this project. We have a whole mind map of ideas and once we had exhausted possibilities we decided we needed to go away and have a think about things and meet back again next week.
We are hoping to start getting practical next week once we have decided on a solid starting point.
We are thinking about the concept of the game and how we can practically portray this. We realised that how you win the game is also a strong starting point.


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Brilliant !


Jake Fri 1 Dec 2017 8:26PM

Found an old example of what I was speaking about last week in regards to making physical prototypes for a game with blocks


Jazmin Morris Sat 2 Dec 2017 2:45PM

I really like the aesthetics and concept of this! I'm still definitely interested in creating a model especially for the 'prototype' in Jan! Let's discuss on Tuesday and if we do go down the model route we can start thinking about scale, materials and 'goals' of the game :)


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Blurb for Late at the Tate Closed Fri 8 Dec 2017 7:11PM

Here's the rough blurb for the Tate, let me know if you'd like to add anything else:

The project explores the role of human agency through virtual reality and gaming. We set out to look at the difference between the psychology and agency involved in day to day interactions versus those in virtual reality and gaming. Individuals seek out friendships (virtual ones or avatar relationships) dependencies (such as through virtual pets) through gaming and also use gaming as a platform to test out strategy and potential of sabotage. From a psychological perspective, the interest in human agency is huge - there are whole channels dedicated to watching people play games, new languages develop that are inaccessible to people not involved in the game. For Late at the Tate we want to create a game involving the audience which puts them in control of the people on the stage where they control on some level their responses and interactions. This is an experimental forum designed to test out the differences in responsibility that audiences assume when they act out their desires through someone else. Will their decision making process alter when they can control someone else's actions? Will the outcomes change depending on the mood/age of the audience involved? The aim of the session is also to invite tech savvy individuals to get involved in the arts and promote synergies in fostering a collaborative partnership between these two fields.


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Digital Maker Collective Bot
Tue 5 Dec 2017 8:51PM

Sounds brilliant !


Jazmin Morris
Wed 6 Dec 2017 9:10AM

Thanks so much! This is great. Ill get yesterday's meeting etc all sorted on Thursday as my pv is tonight but see you later today anyway :)


Jazmin Morris Mon 11 Dec 2017 11:20AM

Documentation from the gaming groups third meeting last week.
Jake, Irina, Holly, Freya
With some new attendees there was a greater discussion between the group we really began to think about conceptual elements of gaming we are all interested in and could work with.
Language, interaction, immersion and sabotage we're our key words.
We felt we needed to get the logistics of the space at Tate and then we could really get stuck into the project!


Jazmin Morris Mon 11 Dec 2017 11:27AM

Wed 6th Dec
Collective meeting of groups involved in the Tate Late, we realised our projects had strong running themes and we could possibly all work together on the Tate late project. We thought about how our projects could coexist in the space and discussed our existing ideas. After an exciting discussion we decided to wait to see the space later that day...
All of the groups in the DMC went to view the space at Tate
I and Irina attended from the gaming group.
This was a very successful meeting as our group was previously at a point where we felt we couldn't develop too far without seeing the space and knowing the logistics.
We found out the DMC have the 4th floor and we can have projections and sound which is great news.
We need to work on a collective blurb for the Tate Late guide!
It also made it all more real and put some healthy pressure on the gaming group to develop a solid idea and work with it.
An image is attached of the space at Tate.


Jazmin Morris Mon 11 Dec 2017 11:35AM

Game reflective meeting. I and Irina attended.
After viewing Tate we felt we needed to get something going.
I and Irina had a progressive meeting in which we discussed practical ideas such as using paint 3D and a webcam and a projector to create AR and an immersive gaming space or an AR avatar. We discussed gaming videos and language we could project. The use of sound and how we would like to have ambient gaming sound playing. We decided we could look at Jake's existing work and incorporate some of that.
We decided to go and expermanent and also see if we know anyone else that could join the group and be committed.
Next meeting:

Monday 11th DMC Tate Late planning meeting 12pm-2pm
Tuesday 12th Gaming group meeting 2.30pm Maker Space


Jazmin Morris Mon 11 Dec 2017 11:39AM

We have a Facebook group for Tate late planning that consistent committed members of the DMC working on the Tate Late are invited to.
We also have several email groups open to the public where we discuss and arrange things in regards to the Tate exch and Tate late, here is the link to join the GAMING GROUPS separate email group


Izaak Mon 11 Dec 2017 12:57PM

What is the link to the Facebook group?


Starkey Tue 12 Dec 2017 12:26PM

Can't see the link, can you resend in watsapp?

Get Outlook for iOS ( https://aka.ms/o0ukef )


Digital Maker Collective Bot Wed 13 Dec 2017 5:14PM

This looks like a good gaming community for those learning Unity - https://www.meetup.com/London-Unity-Usergroup


Jazmin Morris Thu 14 Dec 2017 2:14AM

DMC Tate late group meeting Mon 11th Dec
Members from each group attended and Chris to discuss what each group was wanting to present, the logistics of this and how we can work collaboratively between groups. We discussed possible positioning and were informed of each groups ideas. We spoke a lot about sound and how we could manipulate game music to encourage movement and possible use of sensors that trigger sound, we also might have to curate the sound so that aspects of each group can be heard. We also set some dates for after christmas: 11th a meetup with all groups to see progression and test, 18th a crit and test run, 23rd final test. I will send an email out with full details of these meet ups as we will also be having meetings just for the gaming group between these.


Jazmin Morris Thu 14 Dec 2017 2:43AM

Gaming group meeting 12th Dec 17
Jazmin, Irina, Miles, Freya
We shared our ideas and progress and had a look at some gaming music and a game Irinas friend's have created and given permission for us to feature in Tate if it's relevant, we also looked at a virtual room for a game Jake has created.
We discussed the three questions the AI group requested.
We discussed future meet ups and decided we will probably have a game group meet on tues 9th after xmas before the group meet on 11th.
We tested our AR interaction idea with the HD webcam and it works greatly! We tested it with existing images on my laptop but we are all going to aim to create 10 images to present to the audience.
We realised 'gaming themed images' was too broad to work with so we have set the criteria of it being an avatar of some sort as this confronts the main concept we were interested in as a group- the relationship between gaming and the self.
On the night viewers will stand infront of the webcam and choose an avatar they want to be featured with in AR (we are using paint 3D to achieve this which needs no wifi) viewers can then interact with the avatar. We are going to create the avatars over xmas ready for the meet on the 11th Jan.
We will test the technology with a TV screen in the meeting on the 8th.
For tate in March we hope to develop this idea into a game where you can create your own avatar but time is too tight to develop this for Jan.
We are thinking of adding a social media element to the installation, we would snapshot the image of the viewer and their avatar then upload it to a DMC Gaming account and use hashtags. This would create awareness and accessibility to the group and also allow viewers to save their images.
We discussed printing them physically but it might be too late to request that.
We need to speak to Chris about social media
We all need to work on avatars!
Thanks everyone! X


Jazmin Morris Thu 14 Dec 2017 2:56AM

Made this for Chris to send to Tate but thought it was cute and worth putting on here to help us visualise our installation :)


Digital Maker Collective Bot Mon 8 Jan 2018 9:56AM

Please send me any meet -up dates you have planned asap today so I can add to the list and share with the collective - http://digitalmakercollective.org/node/242


Jazmin Morris Tue 9 Jan 2018 5:24PM

Myself, Irina, Kristina are really just getting on with things now, we've decided to keep it all as simple as possible and just work towards the event!
We are still working on creating the visuals of the avatars for the event using paint 3D and possibly sketchup. We are going to look into avatar generators. We still want to have a social media element to our installation so in the next meeting we are going to make an instagram account and think about how we can get the public to interact with it on the night. We are also keen to get some amazing sound for the event, we have the game music but we spoke about adding game sound effects and possibly some dance music for the event, we will discuss this with the other groups on Thursday. Kristina also showed us her VR project and me and Irina loved it! Looking forward to working more closely with her. We are now working towards Thursdays prototype meet where we are going to test the webcam and the software with a TV screen! There will be a game meeting next Tuesday, time tbc


Jazmin Morris Fri 12 Jan 2018 5:56PM

Gaming group meeting/DMC prototype 11/01/2018
Myself, Irina, Benny
We did a technical practice run for the avatar AR installation and everything works fine and looks good which is great. After speaking with Chris we decided we want to have a bit more content and viewer interaction in our workshop. We discussed the possibility of having the VR headset and the UAL social space set up for exploration and the gaming computer. It would also be better if we could be producing avatars on the night as well as allowing viewers to pick from the existing database. The music side of things seems to be going okay, particularly if we can get a budget for it as myself, Izaak and Florentine can contact producers easily then. Worst case scenario if that falls through we have the gaming music alone. Things seem stressful and slightly incomplete but as long as we get some avatars made and investigate the music over the weekend we are on track. I and Irina (and anyone else that wants to join) have decided to meet @ 9:30AM 16TH JAN in the CHELSEA MAKER SPACE to finalize things, test more ideas and make the social media account.


Jazmin Morris Tue 16 Jan 2018 2:36PM

Game meeting 16/01/2018... Myself, Irina, Kristina, Jimena
Today was a very long, progressive meeting. The gaming group have most things in place ready for Tate late, we sorted a lot of the logistics in today's meeting.
- We made an instagram account for the game group so we can post teasers and images on the night to help build feedback and a hype for the event in March.
- We created a list of questions in the form of an online survey for the audience at the event, we can look at the feedback and feed it into what we create for the exchange.
- We are using paint 3D and sketch up to create masks/scenes/avatars to be experienced in augmented reality at the event.
- We have a DJ working on the sound for the event; need to work out the logistics of how we play it and ensure the sound is available offline.
- We are looking into also using the VR kit at tate, we would like to have the social space to spark conversation around virtually socializing in gaming, if this does not work we are going to look into putting our 3D creations into a space in VR.
Everything is looking good and going well we just need to sort out a few logistics and mainly get on with creating the 3D drawings for the event :)

The DMC collective will be meeting on Thursday 18th Jan 10am-12pm in the Chelsea maker space for a group kit and test run.
The DMC will also be getting together for a final test onnTuesday 23rd Jan 1pm-2.30pm in the Chelsea maker space
The gaming group will then meet again the day before the event on Thursday 25th Jan (time to be confirmed) to finalize everything for the event!
Thanks for everyone's participation, getting excited now!


Jazmin Morris Thu 18 Jan 2018 8:13PM

DMC Prototype meet 18/01/2018, Myself and Irina + many other members of the collective
As well as sorting out some of the final bits for the event, todays meeting was also a chance to see the development of the other groups. Everyone's doing really well with their projects and when all of the different elements and technologies come together it's going to be great! People were interacting with the first scene the gaming group have made and it was really nice to see it in action. Someone suggested that we make villains as well as scenes and facial avatars and I really like this idea! When our installation was presented to the group it was highlighted that there is a lot going on and a viewer might become confused or overwhelmed, Chris suggested we make a poster to help prevent this. We were introduced to Phil who creates experimental sound, it would be great if he could get involved with the collective within or outside of the gaming group! We spoke about the survey we created and everyone agreed that it would be more useful to have post it notes and pens on the night of tate late as it's less formal. We also explored the social space in VR and it does work without wifi so we are going to take this to tate, it involves the participator becoming an avatar in VR and exploring a social space and we can ask questions about the experience on the night as it's very relevant to our development.

To Do Before Event:
- Create more gaming/avatar scenes for augmented reality
- When music has been created by the music collaborators I need to download it onto the mac mini that's playing the music on the night
- Begin to post teasers and follow people on the instagram account
- Buy post it notes and pens
- Create a poster and get it printed large scale
- Work out how to control the VR social space professionally and explore the create your own avatar setting
- Decide whether to have the VR or AR plugged into the large TV... work out logistics of whichever decision


Digital Maker Collective Bot Sun 21 Jan 2018 9:38AM

We need to do some promo work and shout about our involvement in Tate Lates so Could each group please post in your Loomio groups:

  1. A short paragraph about your intervention & how it relates to the Tate Lates theme of Production (don't need to be too explicit just enough to show a link)

  2. please list all the members involved in the production of the intervention and please try and ensure everyone has a profile on the digitalmakercollective website


Jazmin Morris Sun 21 Jan 2018 5:31PM

The gaming group will have a selection of participatory activities, each set to spark conversation around the production and effects of gaming. A chance to explore augmented reality gaming scenarios, virtual reality spaces, and a discussion around posing as your own avatar. Gaming and dance music have been blended by music producers to explore how music effects the player. Experience, become immersed and discuss gaming.

  • Jazmin Morris
  • Irina Starkova
  • Jake Richards
  • Freya Everest
  • Jimena Cieza De Leon
  • Kristina Thiele
  • Josh Schofield
  • Miles Visman
  • Nick Samuel

Digital Maker Collective Bot Sun 21 Jan 2018 11:52AM

Here's the Gamer Journalist I mentioned was interested, she's on twitter Meg C. Hills
@megchills - https://twitter.com/sabfaramarzi/status/944188905330442240


Digital Maker Collective Bot Mon 22 Jan 2018 3:53PM

Please send your 'work in progress' Images for Tate Lates promotional use!

Could you all please either add your best pictures taken over the past month/s of your work/groups in progress, any snapshots taken with a phone, and pictures of the final product.

Either email to c.follows@arts.ac.uk or add the images to the O365 shared folder link below (need to be using your ual login).

All images should be sent no later than Wednesday morning as we plan to do some social media promotions asap.

We will also be using these images to post of Instagram take over of Camberwell, Wimbledon and Chelsea account before (to show what we have been doing) During (showcase the evening) After (to promote the Tate March events).

Camberwell student Maria Than is taking the lead on this but can others please contact Maria to help support this social media push? mariathuyhienthan@gmail.com

We will try and compile all the images in this O365 shared folder https://artslondon-my.sharepoint.com/personal/c_follows_arts_ac_uk/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?folderid=17b33ffedf2a04a79a44699eed003c7ce&authkey=AV6K4FvDChGugeLn47fbrtA&e=OAMEPx

Thank you very much !

Chris & Maria


Jazmin Morris Tue 23 Jan 2018 6:20PM

Just emailed you ours chris, ta


Digital Maker Collective Bot Tue 23 Jan 2018 6:15PM

Game Jam License for the Global Game Jam 2018!
This weekend it’s the Global Game Jam, the worldwide, in-person jam! And to celebrate, we’re opening up Construct 3 on a special GameJam license - this means that from Friday the 26th to Monday the 29th of January, you’ll be able to use Construct 3 in its entirety, for free!

The Jam kicks off at 5 pm - that’s local time for wherever you may be and will run for roughly 48 hours from that point. There’s a single globalised theme which will be announced at 5 pm in each timezone - don’t tell anyone until the last region (Hawaii) has been told! Plus, you can keep up with all the goings-on with the official hashtag #GGJ18.

But even if you don’t plan on taking part in the jam, why not challenge yourself to make something in the four days? It’s a great way to get to know Construct 3, and best of all, it’s free! Have a read of our blog post for more information. https://link.construct.net/wf/click?upn=Ukp59gY4qC8B0BHJEx7oZDf6q8E5mxCxBM08Rbi8sfoD3C2en6RaQAxlhq-2F7aWZ-2Bf30E1etBXSurY-2BD4Vv9eMOeLSb59oYz5i0wHhAd0-2FrN-2FG8Ge4pXQ3nAn3Eg0A1WlqTY38u7sWBVbCXbGbU3hLjW8QgYjdKL1xvZE9phBWiMsZmPjy9stzrENOCkUCTfh_huV3hCCw8APpHsAnitC1g9-2Bs16Y-2BTbn5F-2FcOpyGExADdi5CapHVV7XtnPncGLX2yjLQM-2FTr-2BJojvGh9ciVMMaD1ucaTywop9Z3hJcab-2BxI1ycXJLE3MDxcNpaGJ-2F2aqTy0xBfRQJt8ocadfIqDLWGWIluwga9QEbe-2BaeSqztvRvjNwGn5PUFyGNw6OZuqE8SicWS300aM4q1LvmdMs4Qp365XkHN6LA7RsGcCTePaB1v2Bp1pZlTkGH1j24WTyxLEvdvekTL9Sq-2FaM8gz6FIUWxQ2HSQpS0xQHWSxakYuYiQYbPhzzgq4bO49p66por6T2uujGMy6QsL9WMB5nnkZ5mge-2BtGeh0FasARuqPsXNr-2BPPHgp4YqZrbeqRhFgHHvR2xwc1I533OFVs8WmNLtdu6nAMoQbbE85b-2BXsQxzEDRKzxt5sJq9z4bSOKW2tvYno5av2lwlPsSiHTNBbutyPQ-3D-3D

If you do get involved, Jam or otherwise, we’d love to see what you make over the weekend! Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or post on our subreddit!
Have fun!


Jazmin Morris Tue 23 Jan 2018 7:36PM

DMC Prototype/test/crit 23/01/2018 Myself, Irina and many other members of the collective.
Every time we think we have sorted everything more things pop up, our technology runs well, we tied a lot of loose ends today and did a team production schedule.

  • We tested a sample of the sound, sounds amazing. Full soundtrack will be put on a USB before the event and Chris is supplying the Mac mini & screen to play it from at the event.
  • We have constructed a clear equipment list of personal items we need to bring and went through Tate's equipment list. We purchased some necessary items today.
  • We finished the posters off and sent them to print and be mounted onto board. We are bringing pins to the event to secure the board together and create a freestanding poster.
  • We have decided to have a drawing app running in the VR instead of social space, we attempted to download oculus software but was running slow. Chris is going to try and solve tomorrow, back up plan is to use vive headset. Participators will be urged to draw avatars in the space at the event.
  • Risk assessment form is filled out and sent as are production images for social media
  • All our equipment is either from uni or under a year old so doesn't need PAT testing
  • Irina has constructed a puzzle made from cardboard boxes for the event,this adds a physical approach to gaming to the installation.
  • We need to print out the VR disclaimer
  • I am continuing to work on scenes in paint 3D for the augmented reality section.

Fingers crossed for Friday!


Digital Maker Collective Bot Tue 30 Jan 2018 8:21AM

A tweet ..... I was commissioned to make this robot character for @VRChatNet user ImJustOkay! Turned out pretty cool, I think. https://skfb.ly/6wpAq


Digital Maker Collective Bot Tue 30 Jan 2018 8:22AM

I like the idea of Avatar/Character production


Jazmin Morris Fri 2 Feb 2018 8:26PM

On Wednesday we met to discuss initial ideas and logistics regarding the Tate Exchange in March! Afterwards myself and Kristina spoke to Alejandro in VR and discussed the possibility of a collaboration!
- We decided to run weekly DMC collective meet ups running up to the event so that we are constantly aware of what other groups are working on and leaving the opportunity for collaborations.
- We discussed time, space and other logistics regarding the event
- Chris made us aware of the existing external collaborators as well as encouraging us to source our own
- Possibility of getting T-Shirts designed

After speaking to Alejandro in VR the gaming group are excited to collaborate on a project themed around avatars and social gaming!


Jazmin Morris Fri 2 Feb 2018 8:44PM

Some members of the collective went to tate modern for a meeting with the organizers to discuss logistics. This was a very productive and exciting meeting! We also saw the current Plymouth exchange in our future space.
- Keywords: Dynamic, visually engaging, fun, interactive, informative
- We have a strong internet supply this time round!
- Let Tate know about any extra kit needed at least 2 weeks in advance
- Possibility of hanging signs to distinguish between incubators
- 10 minute talks relating artworks in Tate and the Tate exchange is something we can don this year, Tate are going to send us a list of relevant works and we can begin planning this.
- 12th Feb is the deadline for a title and short blurb for incubators
- Follow tate exchange on instagram and use the hashtag when promoting the event
- Everything older than 2 years must be PAT tested
- Tate need a floor plan as soon as possible
- Incubator leaders need to be decided and the leader will also control equipment
- MP4 and JPG are the ideal file formats, files can be sent to Tate to upload onto their media players
- 2-4 are the busiest times in the week, there are lots more visitors than last year so far and be prepared for kids on the weekend!

After this meeting we are excited to begin working on projects! Next meetings are on Tuesday 3pm (game group) wednesday 2pm (DMC)


Jazmin Morris Wed 7 Feb 2018 3:52AM

Gaming & VR meet 06/02/2018 Myself, Amy, Kaye, Irina, Alejandro
Today was an initial meet with Alejandro to discuss the collaboration and what we have in mind. Was an exciting and progressive meet.

  • Thanks to Alejandro's technical experience we were able to discuss a lot of technicalities and potential issues. We compromised on some ideas to ensure the project is not overambitious.
  • Need to ensure the correct unity is installed and the SDK, steam and VR chat and have a play around.
  • A series of avatars won't work well at tate as it takes too long and would require several headsets to communicate so we discussed having a solo avatar and objects to interact with sounds great
  • We need to develop a strong theme to work with as well as the I'm lonely can shall I do, we are thinking time travel/zones & digital interaction
  • Do some tests with 3D object sculpting software and unitys compatability
  • Speak to Jake and Jimena and put a personal call out out
  • Create a simple VR chat test space
  • Inquire about 360 camera

Working on a themed space and avatar for VR chat with an interact with object element!


Kristina Wed 7 Feb 2018 7:32PM

Just to let you know - I installed Unity 5.6.3p1 on the machine in the makerspace at Chelsea yesterday. I haven't downloaded the vrchatsdk yet.


Jazmin Morris Wed 7 Feb 2018 8:42PM

Big successful meeting today, discussion of larger collaborations and logistics.
Game group are now working under the umbrella term of 'The future of interaction'.
Todays meeting was a little overwhelming so I am keen for the game group meeting on friday morning as we can collaborate our ideas as a smaller group working within a larger collaboration. It's nice that we have new people in our group as we can now share creative ideas and skills and set an agenda for what we want to produce!


Jazmin Morris Mon 12 Feb 2018 7:27PM

12/02/2018 Game meeting: Jazmin, Kes, Kaye, Jimena, Alejandro
Met today to finalize idea and set a production plan due to how close the deadline is.

GAME GROUP PROPOSAL: We are making a cube puzzle game that exists both in Virtual reality and in real life, this questions the constructs of gaming and reality itself, it's super interactive and simple yet effective. The puzzle will be ,made up of cubes, cardboard boxes for the RL version and digital cubes for the VR. Viewers will be prompted to build/destroy a 'wall' made up of the cubes. Each cube will have an image (yet to be decided but certainly visual and conceptually relevant) either painted or textured in VR onto each face so that all together there are 6 possible illustrations to build and explore. The installation will exist either in Alejandros VRChat space or in Kristina's Tate VR space.

After finalizing our idea we set a schedule of what needs to be done each week leading up to the event to ensure it's all ready on time. This week we will be concentrating on sourcing the boxes and working out what out our 6 images will be and after that it's 'game' on, pardon the pun.
We spoke with Alejandro and he is happy to support the project and assist with technical help.
We want to question, gaming, reality, socializing, mixed reality, gravity and scale and virtual destruction.


Digital Maker Collective Bot Tue 13 Feb 2018 5:19PM

This sounds like a brilliant idea and lots of fun - yes we have a budget but I can only buy from specific UAL suppliers and this may take longer than we like - I will try and find out who we can buy boxes from - have you specie size requirements and amount please?


Jazmin Morris Sun 18 Feb 2018 11:44PM

Thankyou Chris, only just saw this sorry! Not to worry I've purchased some boxes they are being delivered on Tuesday. Maybe you could help out with paint costs? I was thinking if there's any budget on the store card?


Jazmin Morris Sun 18 Feb 2018 11:45PM

The gaming groups production plan! Thanks Kaye! Might be interesting in regards to the theme of 'PRODUCTION'


Jazmin Morris Wed 21 Feb 2018 11:30AM

21/01.2018 Jazmin, Kaye, Irina, Kez drop in.
Today was a great opportunity to see what the other incubators and groups are working on and the Chelsea maker space is full of projects and people, really exciting! he gaming group further discussed the imagery for the box puzzle game, we spoke to some other groups about pulling aesthetics from their projects to create visual links. Irinas race track will be one of them. The cardboard boxes have arrived but we faced a few problems, didn't think about the fact we would have to paint them white but we got it out of the way and left to dry overnight. We also didn't consider the fact that the top and bottom of the boxes have flaps and would be very difficult to illustrate so we decided to just leave them and do four images around the sides. We will texture the detail of the flaps onto the virtual boxes to create another visual link between the real and the digital. We are now deciding between painting the imagery onto the boxes, photographing it, slicing into 16 cubes on photoshop and then texturing the boxes with these images in unity OR creating the images digitally and applying to the digital boxes, and using these boxes as a guide for what to copy onto each real box...
We will decided tomorrow and get started.
I was also told about 'unreal engine', it may be a better programme to use for our boxes than unity however we need to see if it is compatible with VRChat.
In terms of the space for our installation we have Alejandro's VRChat space and Kristinas tate space and a new member of the group from spacial design that may be interested in creating a space.
We also need to do a floor plan and equipment list in tomorrows meet.
If we are going to do a 10 min talk we need to decide tomorrow too.
Attached are images of the box installation and some ideas for the imagery.


Jazmin Morris Wed 21 Feb 2018 12:12PM

I made this rough floor plan for us so that in the meeting today we can propose this to the larger group :) Also the equipment list so Chris can order things etc. Let me know if I've missed anything.


Jazmin Morris Sun 25 Feb 2018 11:14PM

Game group: Jazmin, Kaye. Kez 23/02/2018
We met today to try and get the boxes painted, we almost finished we just have a few blank spaces and details to sort on Monday.
Side A: Race track game inspired by Irina's game that will be shown
Side B: Space invaders/alien scene inspired by retro gaming and scene from Tate Late (production)
Side C&D: Collage painting inspired by Jean Debuffet (Tate) and images of the production and development of our installation.

Once we have finished painting the boxes we can get onto the digital side of things. We are going to try 3D scanning the boxes to see what effect this gives, if it looks wobbly round the edges and unclear we will photograph the boxes and put the images as texture on the virtual boxes. We will then use unreal engine to add gravity etc. Lastly we will put the boxes into Kristinas Tate space alongside humans and technology's virtual light installation.
We discussed rough logistics of the time slots for VR and social media etc, the conversation can continue on Monday.