Sun 12 Jul 2015 10:35PM

Should we do OS//OS 2016?

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We've launched a community survey to hear from you all. Should we host the conference again? Who do you want to hear speak? How can we evolve the experience?

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Jaco van der Merwe Mon 13 Jul 2015 12:01AM

yes. yes. yes. yes.

will do survey :)


Danyl Strype Wed 15 Jul 2015 4:38AM

OMG definitely. How can I help? Do survey. OK :)


Clive McKegg Wed 22 Jul 2015 7:28AM

Yes it was great :) I did a blog post about the 2015 conference here http://www.localise.nz/2015/04/28/osos-2015/ and my main question I thought could be addressed if there was another was about how does the Big Picture fit together? What are the potential connections between Open Source, decentralisation, localisation, social reconstruction, community resilience, sustainability and collaborative economics?