Wed 4 Sep 2019 4:09AM

EGU 2020

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The deadline for session proposals is due tomorrow. It should be a good opportunity to promote preprints again. Is there a townhall meeting or session suggested already? @friedrich1 @danielnust @danielibarra @christopherjackson1 @tomnarock1


Deleted User Wed 4 Sep 2019 4:35AM

Good thinking, David. As I found out also only last year, the deadline for townhall meetings is much later, as late as the 18th January 2019. I will probably not be there this time.


David Wed 4 Sep 2019 4:42AM

Ahp, that's true! (and I should know!) - but, what we had last year was a TH and nor a session? Pity you're not coming, I was looking forward to more adventures together!


Leonardo Uieda Thu 5 Sep 2019 11:56AM

Now that I'm not in the middle of the Pacific, I plan to go to EGU2020. Count me in if you need help organizing anything.


Bruce Caron Sun 22 Sep 2019 1:49PM

Anyone going to the EGU from the States?.... I can mail you some stickers to take along.


Daniel Ibarra Mon 23 Sep 2019 2:54AM

I'm 75% going! Will let you know


Jamie Farquharson Mon 23 Sep 2019 2:57PM

I'm 25% going. Will let you know


Allison Enright Tue 24 Sep 2019 8:26AM

Also might be going; 50% chance.


Angelo Pio Rossi Tue 24 Sep 2019 9:33AM

I should be there some 50% chance


Angelo P


Bruce Caron Wed 25 Sep 2019 2:26PM

As soon as somebody hits 100%.... send me your mailing address.