Thu 15 Aug 2013 10:02AM

Should we set a date to start this?

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 17

Should we set a date to say, ok in 6 months we will all be at some location to buy land? Should we set a time table on it?


Blaine Smith Fri 16 Aug 2013 9:09PM

It would be a good idea to set a date to motivate people and show that it will happen. The the question is when should this date be? Because it needs to give people time to prepare, but it can't be to distant otherwise people will get bored waiting and give up. I think no more than I few months. And of course it depends where it is being done, if the weather permits it or not.


Jammie Gregory Sat 17 Aug 2013 12:08AM

Spring time would probably be the best time to move, I'm thinking spring of 2014, would be good time to move to location, even if we don't purchase the land right away, can camp in most forestry without a problem thereby eliminating wasted money on hotels, and car pool around from there to get supplies and scout out locations.


Thomas A. Anderson Tue 8 Oct 2013 1:40AM

I think instead of a time table for doing this, we need to set smaller goals to achieve the total end goal, and then show checked off marks to let us know we are making progress, the more progress we make the more motivated we will become and the steps are usually supplemental in that they make the following steps easier to achieve.