Mon 22 Jan 2018 10:12AM

[meeting] Agenda and Minutes 22.01.18 8pm UTC

K Kieran Public Seen by 330

Time: Monday 8pm UTC
Location: Mumble

Agenda : https://hackmd.io/AwFgTAZgbAjBCGBaCBWeNEgEb2IgnAByFQFYQQgpgCm88W+QA===#

Mumble setup details : https://hackmd.io/MwMw7CBMCG3AtAUxAEwBzwCxoKwCN49pEUkA2TSHFaMMFMgTiA==

Set it up 15 minutes beforehand if you've not used it before. If anyone needs help getting setup, message @mixmix or myself half an hour in advance.

The server we're using is : celehner.com (type just that, not http or www or anything)