Wed 31 Dec 2014 6:31PM

Ignoring the whip

BB Bob Bollen Public Seen by 67

The practice of whipping MPs to vote a particular way, is one way that unaccountable power is exercised. We have an opportunity to challenge this after the 2015 general election, depending on the balance of parliamentary seats.

We could support a groups of MPs - say 20 of them - to promise (perhaps during the campaign - or perhaps during coalition negotiations) that they will respect the views of their constituents when it comes to voting in parliament.

There would be many practicalities to consider, including

* selecting which parliamentary votes to consult on
* offering facilitated meetings 
* how constituents views are collected 
* whether the MP would be bound by the majority that voted
* countering disproportionate mobilisation of special interest groups

Such an initiative would seem to have significant benefits of

* involving citizens in parliamentary decision making on a continual basis, so starting to devolve power
* countering the exercise of unaccountable power

Is this worth discussing further?