Sat 30 Mar 2013 8:35AM

Council Meeting #8 2013-04-04 15:00 UTC

RJ Raphaël Jadot Public Seen by 275

Agenda to be written


jclvanier Sat 30 Mar 2013 12:41PM

Probably, I will not be able to attend


Poll Created Sun 31 Mar 2013 7:39PM

Acceptance of general rules of ML and public spaces. To be active and published ASAP. Closed Tue 2 Apr 2013 4:28PM

1 .
a. All public spaces on Association's website and linked with it (like mailing list) are subject to moderation.
We have no censorship, the rules refer only to general order, mutual respect and clarity of self-expression.
The order is to be kept by moderators, who are appointed by the council (do not need to be council members).
Moderators for special topics MLs or forums are appointed by the Council after consultations with the relevant team.

b. There are 3 steps of moderation. 1. Warning to the participant from the moderator, that the participant violates the rules. 2. When abuse is repeated, a short ban ( up to 1 month) from relevant public space. Attempt to avoid the ban using another email address is equal to abuse and leads to longer ban (6 months) immediately. 3. When after the first short ban is let free, and the abuse of rules is repeated from the user, the 6 month ban is applied. 4. When the user continues abusing the rules, he could be banned forever.
The moderators judgement is not discussed in public in any form. Moderator is acting not as a person, but as OMA.
If a user wants to complain about moderaator's action, he can turn to Council.
In short future the rules could be slightly modified, accepting pre-moderation of all messages (no censorship, only the rules compliance).


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Agree 100.0% 5 RJ WS J KL BR
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Undecided 0% 6 AB AK CC R TPG AV

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Raphaël Jadot
Sun 31 Mar 2013 9:34PM

I agree and think we also should add pre-moderation asap too


Bernhard Rosenkränzer
Sun 31 Mar 2013 11:17PM

"pre-moderation of all messages" may actually be a bit too comprehensive, we may also want a system where only people who have been warned or banned before are on pre-moderation while everything else goes through etc.


Kate Lebedeff
Mon 1 Apr 2013 8:03AM

comment to Bero: yes, fully agree. That would be next steps, when we are fully on our site, and less urgent, than accepting general rules.


Mon 1 Apr 2013 4:05PM

I think "pre-moderation af all messages" applies to the warned user only