Wed 13 Jun 2018 8:18AM

The Internet Party has been deregistered - Where to now?

MB Mason Bee Public Seen by 69

On the 12th of June 2018 the Internet Party's registration was canceled by the Electoral Commission. What do members think we should do now?


Mason Bee Thu 14 Jun 2018 7:19AM

Continued from discord thread.....

If that is what happened then did we actually have a legal election in 2017? If Jo has been dropped in it I will be pissed. I have been supportive of the current exec and past leader (present president) but there needs to be a recognition that the course the party has taken has led to disaster (eg; heads need to roll).

Thus far I have seen no formal apology from the executive and leader to the members for the failure in the last election. Suzy has resigned as she is no longer able to be elected in NZ. Been elected President after she only getting five hundred votes in the election. The website doesn't appear to have been updated in months. Loomio is dead and the only people on it seem to be more involved in fighting with each other than taking the party forward. Discord appears to be populated by non NZ citizens fighting for Julian Assange not NZ. The parties input into the Privacy Bill, the most important bill to the party since the GCSB bills, has been bugger all if anything.....

Argghh, I am going to repost this in Loomio and we can continue this there. I would suggest the executive gets everybody there (eg; the remaining members) so we can have a discussion about the future of the exec and find out what exactly is happening, what is going to happen, and if there is any plan to regain the members lost or get new ones.