Art Gallery Committee Meeting Notes 3/8/18

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Art Gallery Subcommittee Meeting
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4/13 friday the 13th arts Arcata -- Zoe + Co Curating

Gave Zoe instructions for how to get ppl to sign up via website & log in info for the gallery email.


Call for artists is typed up see below. Zoe is making flyer w/ the call out, the link to send art to, and distributing to people face 2 face.

5-6 people definite in to show art. Mostly 2d + Canvas work.

Zoe going to ask SLOP to play. Maybe performance art. Show run 8:30-10pm. No cover during Arts Arcata gigs, no money for performers :(

Another group of Zoe’s friends interested in doing an art show in the future. Maybe august or September? Zoe will reach out w/ application instructions.

Zoe wants to do out reach for HSU Art Dept; volunteer for outreach subcommittee

Seana wants to screen some youtube videos she made.

See y'all friday during Arts Arcata. I'll be there at 5:30 to open up and Sam is gonna put up their title tags during that time.

"Drag King Project" show is also tomorrow during Arts Arcata. WIll run from 7-10pm, $5 donation but no one turned away for lack of funds. Features Spikey Van Dykey (FL), Tucker Noir (Humboldt) + Club Triangle Youth Drag Performers. This is 1/3 workshops / performances this group is doing in Humboldt this weekend.


Zoe Thu 15 Mar 2018 11:26PM

I had a question about the art piece I'm putting in for the show on the 13th!
I wanted to make it interactive by having a jar of pencils/markers/tape/crayons/etc., and having attendees add on to the piece. Is that possible to do ?
I wanted to take before and after shots, too!


ryan_ Fri 16 Mar 2018 5:02PM

Yeah definitely, I'd just make some signs with instructions for the piece + for the utensils and make it clear that it's only for that individual piece.