Mon 7 Aug 2023 4:48AM

BiS Mini Gathering Queensland

TP Tess Pollard Public Seen by 25

Please find attached a proposal for the members of the BIS Team to come together in Queensland for two days to discuss all things Behaviour Support. Please find break down of the budget estimate, and planned topics in the attached grant application. This proposal has been passed by the Dollars Jedi and is up for review here for 7 days. I look forward to any comments, queries or concerns.


Aleks Jovanovic Thu 10 Aug 2023 6:31AM

Thanks, Tess, I appreciate and support your work with this worthwhile project and proposal.


Dee Brooks Wed 9 Aug 2023 12:45AM

Great work, Tess! I fully support this!

One thing I realised was not included in the budget was if Michelle or I come along to facilitate - we would need flights and facilitation day rates (mates rates) but we could discuss this as a next step if our dates align!


Dane Cohen Tue 8 Aug 2023 2:09AM

Looks epic Tess i'd be very keen to catch up with the team to discuss some of the things you have outlined :)


Tess Pollard Tue 8 Aug 2023 12:55AM

@Sharon Tierney thanks for the reminder Sharon, I also forgot Carlos will need to fly. I'm sure my estimated $400 x 4 will be plenty (a quick look, Sydney folk will be able to fly for around $200).


Sharon Tierney Mon 7 Aug 2023 11:02PM

Thanks for your work on this Tess. This looks like a great investment in Jeder members to me. Just to add - I'm not local so would also need to fly. Return flight from Newcastle.


Jason Emmins Mon 7 Aug 2023 9:18AM

Thanks Tess- to declare/acknowledge a conflict (part of the team), it looks good to me but happy to step aside from decision making if need be.