Wed 2 May 2018 9:26PM

Choosing a domain name for preVH site

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Since we're going to make a website public (soon! we hope) it seems like time to pick a domain name that we will use for now. Let's discuss options.


Bob W Wed 2 May 2018 9:51PM

We need to assign a domain name to the new preVH website. A few thoughts about possible criteria for a name:

  • easy to remember;
  • inspirational;
  • touching hearts rather than focusing on intellect;
  • unlikely to stimulate controversy.

I don't personally want the name to reference NVC-O, since that is an uninspiring placeholder name, subject to change at some point. Some options:

  1. nvc-we.space (currently used by our development site)
  2. nvctogether.world
  3. nvctogether.one
  4. nvc.site
  5. nvc.global
  6. nvc.international
  7. nvc.fans

Some intriguing, but not-quite-right options (because they don't include both community and organisation) include nvc.community or nvc.partners. I think my current favorite is nvctogether.one. I suspect it's particularly appealing to me in relation to fears of division in the NVC network, and out of a desire for this to be a place where people could come together. But, we could hear more suggestions. And maybe take a poll?


Julie Wed 2 May 2018 9:58PM

I'm a big fan of nvc-we.space of course, since I made it up :D I like that it implies a space where all of us are part of it, and it doesn't imply any kind of hierarchy. It's just the "we space".

I also like NVCTogether .... other alternatives might be NVCTogether.org or NVCTogether.online.

I'm looking forward to hearing everyone else's suggestions!



Bob W Wed 2 May 2018 10:05PM

Another option: nvctogether.space (which as Julie says, implies a space where we can be together, without hierarchy).


Elkie Wed 2 May 2018 11:48PM

Is that the www. Address bob?

I have already got one which we might consider .... will check what is was again. And will let you all know. Xxxx


Bob W Thu 3 May 2018 5:45AM

Well, yes, although the "www." part is not necessarily in fashion to use anymore.


Poll Created Wed 2 May 2018 11:51PM

What web address (domain) do you want for the preVH? Closed Sun 6 May 2018 4:02AM

Note: The capitalization of a domain name doesn't matter. So, options might want be presented here with one capitalization, but that doesn't mean we have to capitalize it that way in practice.

You can add more options. Though not essential, it would be ideal if you check to see if it is available before adding an option.


Results Option % of points Points Mean Voters
NVC-Global.org 25.0% 7 1.2 6 JB D BW BB TS
NVC.global 21.4% 6 1.0 6 JB D BW BB TS
NVC.network 17.9% 5 0.8 6 D BW TS
NVC-We.space 10.7% 3 0.5 6 J
nvcglobal.org 10.7% 3 3.0 1 BB
NVCTogether.world 3.6% 1 0.2 6 J
NVCTogether.one 3.6% 1 0.2 6 BW
NVCTogether.org 3.6% 1 0.2 6 J
NVCC.world 3.6% 1 0.5 2 D
NVCTogether.online 0.0% 0 0.0 6  
NVCTogether.space 0.0% 0 0.0 6  
NVC.site 0.0% 0 0.0 6  
NVC.international 0.0% 0 0.0 6  
CNVCC.world (or www.cnvcc.world) 0.0% 0 0.0 3  
CNVCC.org 0.0% 0 0.0 2  
Undecided 0% 0 0 18 EW X IP P RJ UK E E MN SV IM JS PV SB KT KH DU

6 of 24 people have voted (25%)


Teresa Speakman Thu 3 May 2018 12:51PM

1 - NVC.network
1 - NVC.global
1 - NVC-Global.org
0 - NVCTogether.space
0 - NVCTogether.online
0 - NVCTogether.org
0 - NVCTogether.one
0 - NVCTogether.world
0 - CNVCC.world (or www.cnvcc.world)
0 - NVC-We.space
0 - NVC.international
0 - NVC.site



Jeff Brown Thu 3 May 2018 12:31AM

Hi Bob,

My favorite of your suggestions is nvc.global

While I see your point about including the word, "together" in the domain name, I don't like the feeling I get when I see it -- it actually is "too feelings-based" for my liking and I prefer something more sturdy and balanced.

Also, there's a chance it could backfire and not actually increase togetherness -- some people who lack trust in NVC-O and New Future Process might see it as a ploy to gain their approval.

In addition, if we want it to be easy to remember, I suggest using a more conventional suffix such as .org, which most people are familiar with.

My view is that many, many people in our NVC community have limited technology skills, so using the Virtual Home will be a stretch in the first place; therefore, suffixes like .world, .we, .fans and other new and less common suffixes might confuse people and create a little bit of cognitive dissonance that we could avoid by choosing a more common suffix.

My suggestion: nvcglobal.org ( http://nvcglobal.org )

Sincerely, Jeff Brown


Brent Barker Sat 5 May 2018 11:42PM

I added this as an option in the dot poll.


Bob W Thu 3 May 2018 2:27AM

Hmm. I see your point that some may experience "together" as feelings-based, or as an attempt to force a togetherness they are not feeling.

Unfortunately, nvcglobal.org is not available; though nvc-global.org (with a hyphen is).

Please consider expressing your preferences through the "Dot Vote"


Elkie Thu 3 May 2018 5:36AM

Hi everyone, when I rejoined the ImpC I anticipated a domain name might be needed at some point. I am the ‘owner’ of www.cnvcc.world. The letters stand for the Constellation of Nonviolent Communication Circles (in the world)

Bob, would you be willing to add this to the list of possibilities?

Warm wishes to all,



Julie Thu 3 May 2018 5:39AM

How about we ask the wider community? Like the yahoo groups, facebook groups etc?


Bob W Thu 3 May 2018 5:56AM

How about we wait to see what the outcome of this poll is, then talk about it at this week's meeting?

Given that (1) the goal of the preVH is to make something available quickly, (2) my prior attempts to get a large group to choose a name have consistently taken significant time and been inconclusive, and (3) this choice isn't something we have to stick with any longer than it takes to come up with something that we think is significantly better, I personally don't have energy for reaching out for engagement beyond those who are expressing an active interest in the work of this group. And, I'm curious how we'll collectively feel about it after the results of this Dot Vote poll come in.


Elkie Thu 3 May 2018 5:43AM

Realise that cnvcc intials can be used for other words: collaboration could be in there for example.... collaborative nonviolent communication circles .. or circles of nonviolent communication and collaboration ; or IN collaboration. Anyway, I like cnvcc as peoole will easilt remember it ? Maybe.... :-)


Bob W Thu 3 May 2018 5:47AM

I see you were proposing www.cnvcc.world. Adding it to the Dot Vote poll.


Elkie Thu 3 May 2018 6:16AM

Dear bob, are you able to add cnvcc.world to the list? I cannot work out how to do that.

We could check in briefly with NVC-O Community Members ..last count was 80 plus. more manageable than all the networks..

xx elkie


Bob W Thu 3 May 2018 5:24PM

Hi Elkie. I does make sense to me in principle to check in with Community Members. That stimulates some tension in me though, in that (1) I like the idea of the website being made public as soon as possible and I envision a delay of a week or more being associated with such checking in; and (2) I'm not personally in an emotional space to be the one doing such checking in right now


Elkie Thu 3 May 2018 6:37AM

I have bought cnvcc.world

and hear Jeffs objections.. I don't really mind..

cnvcc.org ( http://cnvcc.org )

I think the bit that will be more controversial is the cnvcc bit. The rest can be sorted later.

xx elkie


Bob W Thu 3 May 2018 8:36PM

Per your suggestion, I've added cnvcc.org to the Dot vote poll. Are you going to vote in that poll? I'd love more participation.

Personally, I think it's important that it be clear the domain name is another placeholder name.

To me, CNVCC is either (1) a bunch of meaningless initials or (2) something that stands for something that is too much like a real name, and is unlikely to be a name that everyone would agree on.


Dieudonné Thu 3 May 2018 8:52PM

I've looked at what's available on www.gandi.net and I found one which offers several advantages :
1. it's short
2. you can play with the last "c" : the one from "cnvc" which moved from the beginning to the end, C for Community, Circles or Constellation, etc…
3. it's not expensive (6 € per year)


Dieudonné Thu 3 May 2018 8:58PM

Sorry, I added nvcc.world and wanted to change it to NVCC.world but both stays : (


Bob W Thu 3 May 2018 10:40PM

Oops. I tried to fix it to just leave 1. My attempt to fix seemed to fail, and one of your votes disappeared! So, you might want to try updating your vote?


Bob W Sun 6 May 2018 6:38AM

We chose the name nvc-global.net


Dieudonné Sun 6 May 2018 10:17AM

Although I wasn't present for this last decision, I like it :thumbsup: Thank you :sunglasses:


Julie Mon 7 May 2018 12:30PM

I've bought the domain name, and pointed it to the new site, so nvc-global.net is now a thing! (It's a work in progress, so not pretty, or with good layout, yet!!)