Wed 3 Jun 2020 10:07AM

June 4: Open Discussion "Unconference" on Mutual Credit, Alt Currencies, & Accounting Models

A Aleeza Public Seen by 140

Hi! On June 4, 5pm CEST... https://open.coop/events/open-2020-unconference-session-open-discussion-on-mutual-credit-alt-currencies-accounting-models/

Please join me (also tagging @Jakub Lanc here) for an open discussion on mutual credit, alternative currencies, different accounting models, and value exchange generally. In @Oli SB's words (plucked from the thread of my last webinar proposal ):

It was really interesting how the conversation at the end of the last webinar moved on to money and specifically mutual credit ... which seems like something lots of people are interested in discussing... So I am penciling in the 4th June (the last webinar session before the main OPEN 2020 event on 11th and 12th June - full plan still TBC) as a slot for everyone who is interested in this topic to come together and discuss ...

There's heavy interest in this topic and I think it's worth making space for an open discussion. Maybe it will help us better focus the sessions at the main event.

Some prompts we can talk about:

  • What types of money or accounting models are compatible? What types are incompatible? Why?

  • What are your hands-on experiences using technology for alternative currencies? What do you need that's not getting built? (Or, what have you seen being built that you don't need?)

  • How does your work fit into the bigger picture? How do we put it in context, considering what others in this community are working on?

  • "I am working on ____. What are the barriers that prevent you from joining me/using my product?"

  • On the "alt currency" world in general: Is this a movement? Where is it going? How can we grow? Do we need to communicate better, provide better tech, find common ground in different philosophies...?

Feel free to add additional discussion prompts in this thread.


Guy James Wed 3 Jun 2020 10:19AM

I'm interested in joining this, how do I get the link to the webinar/discussion please?


Amal Wed 3 Jun 2020 11:47AM

I want to try to join tomorrow . Please send me the link


John Waters Wed 3 Jun 2020 11:58AM

Is that actually CET or CEST?


Mary Fee Wed 3 Jun 2020 1:04PM

Yes, please send link.


Graham Wed 3 Jun 2020 2:10PM

Let me know more


duncan Wed 3 Jun 2020 3:19PM

please send link. Currency in toad lane was cash.


Aleeza Wed 3 Jun 2020 3:31PM

I just added a link at the top (https://live.remo.co/e/open-2020-unconference-open-disc/register) -- decided to try out remo.co instead of zoom, because it enables us to sit at little virtual tables and have smaller group conversations. I'm still new to that platform so I hope it works out okay for everyone. I think are limited to 50 people, I don't think we'll go over that but please register anyway :)


Vincenzo Giorgino Mon 1 Mar 2021 6:25AM

Hi Aleeza, i have seen this thread only now but i am interested to join the discussion. As WiseLifeLab we are developing a protocol based on life protection and flourishing and we would lile to share and experiment elsewhere.

Cheers, Vincenzo


Diogo Jorge Wed 3 Jun 2020 10:20PM

I will do my best to participate


Guy James Fri 5 Jun 2020 8:08AM

Finally I wasn't able to attend, had to help some friends move house. Was it recorded?