Fri 4 Aug 2017 12:33AM

Welcome - Let's build a better world together

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Ask questions and answer each other.
Scan through this thread and you might find what you're looking for.

Check the How to use Loomio thread for some tips on how it works
And yes, please do take a moment to Introduce yourself.

More about Michael Mayell and the current campaign can be found at: www.michaelmayell.com


James Samuel Sun 6 Aug 2017 8:21AM

Welcome @aaronmcloughlin and @anakegoodall - so glad to have you dudes in here. I heard from @michaelmayell that the first billboards are going up at 5:30am tomorrow (Monday) in Christchurch. Expect the pics to come online tomorrow soon after. :-)

Please take a moment to introduce yourselves for each other and the people who will come after.

For anyone who wants to know about my background: http://about.me/jmsinnz