Fri 12 Mar 2021 1:07PM

Revamping Loomio for #UNicoins?

RB Ruth Blackshaw Public Seen by 8

Hi everyone, hope you're having a good day! 馃尰 I'm going to write to the whole Young UN team soon on this but just to say that Loomio are really keen to support Young UN and help us improve our decision-making etc. So they made us a great offer to extend the free trial until end of June 2021! They are flexible in general and are creating a community account type with unlimited users for about 200USD per year or the other option is more like 600-700 again not based on number of users. So seems it could be a viable option if we find a useful addition to our toolset...

Anyway, I just wanted to see if we might as the #UNicoins team be up for piloting this a bit more intensively in the next couple of months? E.g. we could use it to make final decision on the UNicoins logo, also for e.g. to work through our governance questions & finalise our governance approach, sign off on white paper, perhaps some aspects on the Young UN pilot, etc. what do you think?

We could also use it to agree how we use channels as a team (e.g. slack, whatsapp, emails, loomio, especially loomio vs slack).

Please share any initial reactions in thread - yes up for it, let's try! challenges or concerns, then maybe we could use the proposal function to say yes or no to try loomio more intensively from now until end June?


Amelia Craig Fri 12 Mar 2021 1:22PM

Yes, I麓m up for it!


Klas Mold茅us Fri 12 Mar 2021 2:33PM

Me too, thank you Ruth!


Akash K P Fri 12 Mar 2021 6:40PM

Yeah! I'm also up for it!


Michaela Markova Mon 15 Mar 2021 7:10AM

I am also up for it!


Eleonora Gatti Tue 16 Mar 2021 9:36AM

Great!! This will really help us in making strategic decisions going forward!!馃帀


Simon Bettighofer Wed 17 Mar 2021 10:14AM

Also happy to get to know loomio better! 馃憤


Ruth Blackshaw Wed 17 Mar 2021 8:57PM

Thanks everyone, let's do it! I will post some quick threads for the white paper now, let's also share our feedback on how this works for us as a mechanism to take these decisions asynchronously?


Poll Created Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:07AM

How are we finding Loomio so far? Closed Fri 19 Mar 2021 4:02PM

by Ruth Blackshaw Tue 23 Mar 2021 10:50AM

Thanks to everyone who shared their views on Loomio so far. Of the 5 of 8 of us who voted, everyone said: I like it! (level 3 out of 4 in terms of positivity) with some additional comments about it being fun to vote. Based on this, in my view, it seems good to keep trying for the moment for UNicoins team and see how it can help us & also where the limitations are.
I've set a review date on this outcome for end of April so we can perhaps come back to it then and see if we still hold the same view, if we've been able to make use of the tool, where we are frustrated or have ideas, etc.

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who's already participated in the Loomio threads & votes on white paper! 馃帀

I found it quite fun voting just now and seeing where the "mood of the group" lies on different topics, curious to hear what you think so set up a quick temperature check here! Please also do add comments in thread, obviously this is not urgent just an attempt to capture what we're learning & thinking as we go



Results Option % of points Voters
I like it! 100.0% 5 RB KM SB AC AKP
I hate it 0.0% 0  
It's OK but I have some issues 0.0% 0  
I love it! 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 3 MM EG ML

5 of 8 people have participated (62%)


Klas Mold茅us Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:07AM

I like it!

It麓s fun


Ruth Blackshaw Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:07AM

I like it!

I'm finding it fun and useful! I still have concerns about using it in a good way not to duplicate slack but I think it can definitely help us to make collective decisions and have a record of those in a transparent way 馃榾