Thu 2 Oct 2014 5:55AM

Article: student government confessions

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Jacob Bloom Thu 2 Oct 2014 5:55AM

Note the following experience was no where near as awesome as the Panetta institute which I attended with all my fellow A.S.I. presidents and select private school presidents*
I was A.S. president last year at HSU. For CSUnity, a conference held by the california state student association, C.S.S.A., formerly the california state associated student president association, 5 of us were offered plane tickets with a nice rental car waiting at the other end, which we denied. We still got a nice luxury rental, and had a roadtrip with the homies. We arrived to 2 rooms at the Hilton in Pasadena, for my self a king size bed (which I reluctantly shared with homie organizers from the area, I didnt have to and that kool aid man, its so good.)
The whole conference was a giant circus of advertisements for private education companies and the chancellors office, who were seemingly competing against each other, yet with an underlying consistent agenda selling us their stuff in a complementary fashion. It was awesome possum. Freebies and sales peeps everywhere.
We had a catered dinner with tons of amazing Mediterranean food. there was nearly 15 extra 1.5 foot x 3 foot x 4 inch trays of amazing food left over as everybody left. Some of the Humboldt crew noticed they were going to throw all that food in the trash, so we grabbed it and loaded up the super fat trunk of the nice rental car with as much Mediterranean food and coffee we could ever dream (bastards in our crew made us drop it off at skid row, I was gonna eat that!)
The parties were even cooler though.
Then to top it off, we were given free passes for an amazing hotel breakfast, and of course the meeting on Sunday had awesome food and snacks as well, and even our student trustee! Imagine that, appointed by the governor. Wow. I got to meet him.
To top off how important we were, everybody wore all these fancy suits and jewelry. For the roll call, like true representatives of their constituents, everybody pridefully and enthusiastically announced their school mascot and made a sound or action to represent their mascot.
So freaking impressive. You could really feel like you were a part of something there, you were important, there on official business, your stuff is being paid for, and you are being paid, because you have to be on the top of your game as a representative. And represent you will. Like a baller.