Fri 10 Mar 2017 1:38AM

Testing thread discussion

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Annie Heckrath & Geoff Welham Sun 12 Mar 2017 1:37AM

Hi Susie!
Thanks for getting this up and running. Just home from a productive meeting at Bullimah. Slowly slowly getting the by-laws discussed - I think it's driving Tommy nuts that it is such a slow process but as Nadia says, if we keep chipping away at it a bit at a time we'll get there. Had a look at site boundaries in relation to the F&F draft report and decided to change some of the ring roads to avoid going thru the middle of people's shares. I guess Tommy will post all this new stuff in Dropbox.
Terry came to this meeting - as did Nixon, a friend of Jamie's, but don't know if he's interested or just came for the ride.
How's the thesis going? Hope all is well : )


Tommy Welham Thu 20 Apr 2017 5:17AM

Hi guys! I am on board... Looking good for the next meeting sunday at 10am if our absentee members want to skype in or otherwise join in, maybe on here... We will be going thru the bylaws and model rules a bit more, as well as the stuff on the agenda in the dropbox/agendas and minutes folder.