Pleae help our G+ community grow.

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If you haven't already, please join our G+ community.


It is only a new page and it needs your help to grow.


Julian Dumitrascu Sun 5 Oct 2014 12:56PM

Whom should we invite to this community?


Ricky Jefferyes Sun 5 Oct 2014 2:00PM

I'm thinking we should invite anyone that's interested in seeing Digital Direct Democracy become a reality.


Berge Der Sarkissian Mon 6 Oct 2014 4:28AM

I clicked the link but could not work out how to join – so I did not


Oliver Minter Wed 8 Oct 2014 2:19AM

i already have enough to read within the SOL Loomio Community (11 Groups) and the SOL Facebook Community (6 Groups plus one PAGE) and the SOL Email Community (100 emails p/w) and the SOL Google Hangout Meetings Community... i will join the other SOL Community's in Trello and in G+ if i ever get the time after first reading everything in the current communities.


Oliver Minter Wed 8 Oct 2014 2:24AM

PS.. @rickyj feel free to delete any of the FB groups that are no longer in use by the SOL community. In particular can you delete the SOL Victoria group or can i ? unless someone else wants to be the admin?


Ricky Jefferyes Wed 8 Oct 2014 6:45AM

Just because you like a page or join a group, it doesn't mean that it's going to take up anymore of your time. All you have to do is set it up so that you don't receive notifications and the page will never bother you again.


Ricky Jefferyes Wed 8 Oct 2014 6:51AM

@olivermintersolvol Emma joined the SOL Victoria group a couple of weeks ago and I made her an admin. If you still want to delete the group and she agrees, go ahead and delete it. It would be nice if someone could take responsibility for it and actually use it though. I'm sure there's plenty of DDD events down there that you could be discussing. And if there isn't then just leave the group dormant until there is. It's not hurting anyone.


Julian Dumitrascu Wed 8 Oct 2014 1:59PM

@bergedersarkissian It seems you have noticed the red "Join community" button in the meanwhile.


Oliver Minter Thu 9 Oct 2014 12:13AM

@emmawardle Hi Emma... i would like to delete that SOL VIC group unless you would like to keep it open and work on it. I'm happy for you to keep it and work on it if that's what you want to do. But if that's the case i will leave the group - because i am not reading anything that goes on in that group because i dont have the time - and i feel its misleading to other group members if i say i'm there - when i'm actually not. I'm sure that in the future - we will need such a group - but for the moment i see it as a distraction from our main tasks that we are trying to accomplish.


Ricky Jefferyes Thu 9 Oct 2014 12:26AM

After deciding upon our new name, one of our most important tasks will be making that name and our party known. This can be done by rallying together supporters locally, attending and participating in local events.

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