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Before a meeting I made a list of the things we'd agreed to do and wanted the ability to allow others to check things off. Currently only the creator of the comment with a checklist can edit it and worse I seem to send out email notifications for each edit.


Similar to a poll, having a specific Checklist / To do type would be great. Ideally it would be possible to put a deadline on the checklist and to store the user who checked it off along with the timestamp. The problems I see with this are the confusion of multiple people checking (or unchecking) something. The easiest is that anyone can check and only the person who checked can uncheck (with a visible history). A more complicated version would be permissions per check, e.g.:

  • (@personA OR @anyuser) Do something

  • (@personA) Do another thing

  • (@anyuser) Do something else

This can be done with a poll but that doesn't feel like the right tool for this.

Maybe there is already something like this so sorry if I'm re-inventing the wheel.


Nikolai Wed 16 Dec 2020 10:29PM

Is the loomio way of doing this by creating a check poll for each item? We had 20 or so action points and wanted to keep track of when they were done.


Matthew Cropp Wed 16 Dec 2020 11:42PM

I personally would love a project-management style task assignment and tracking system within Loomio.


Robert Guthrie Thu 17 Dec 2020 1:27AM

Thanks for writing this up. I'd encourage people to keep discussing and work towards agreeing on a common minimal feature set.


Robert Guthrie Thu 17 Dec 2020 1:30AM

i guess for me its a item that has a:

  • a description

  • a user (or none assigned)

  • a due date (or none)

  • and a completed status (boolean)

and then an ability to aggregate these at the top of a thread or over a group.


Matthew Cropp Thu 17 Dec 2020 1:57AM

That looks right to me.


Robert Guthrie Thu 17 Dec 2020 6:58AM

And... thinking this out..

Tasks are added to threads, under the context.

They can be dragged and dropped to reorder. Numbered 1 through n.

If someone adds a task, edits a task, deletes a task, are there entries in the thread about this happening? IE: Same rules as with edit context/poll, that you can choose if/to notify people, optionally include a message.

'Assign task' is somewhere alongside start proposal/poll (we might have to rearrange and simplify all that)

When the due date arrives, the author and assignee get a notification

Do we display (9/10) next to the poll title or anything to indicate completion of tasks

Can you see all tasks in the group, or happy to see them thread by thread

Can more than one person be assigned a task?

Do you need to drag tasks between different lists?


Robert Guthrie Thu 17 Dec 2020 7:39AM

  • What about just doing this.. @Matthew Cropp?

  • What is the 1 key difference that would add so much more value

  • Over making a checklist within the rich text editor @Nikolai?

  • I don't mean to be antagonistic, I just want to really understand it.


Nikolai Sat 19 Dec 2020 9:28PM

For me the one key difference to the existing checklist is: I can't check off any of your items in the checklist, only you can. When you do complete an item you can't just click "completed", you need to edit the comment and then "complete" it.

I'd start with something as simple as anyone in the group can check (or uncheck) with no deadlines and simply storing the boolean "completed".

Have you used Gitlab? They have a checklist where there is a clear record of who completed a check. I'm picking Gitlab as I'm a ruby dev and it's mainly ruby and Vue.js also.


Matthew Cropp Sun 20 Dec 2020 3:51PM

Defintely agree with this assessment, and the gitlab example.


Robert Guthrie Mon 21 Dec 2020 9:01AM

So helpful, thanks.

Click to update checklists, without edit step - yea I forgot we needed to do that!

Interesting idea to allow other people to edit your comments.

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