Exploring Approach 2: Life is a gift

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Some people would not allow any decision to destroy an embryo or terminate a pregnancy, because they believe every embryo or foetus has a right to life.

We'll use the standard focus questions to explore this approach on 20 and 21 November 2019. We'll work through the questions one at a time starting with what is valuable then moving to costs and consequences either late on the 20th or early on the 21st, and final to tensions.

On 22nd, we'll see if we can find any common ground.


Simon Tue 19 Nov 2019 11:01AM

What things are valuable to people who support Approach 2?


John Penny Tue 19 Nov 2019 7:01PM

I find it a little hard to answer this question, because the “all life is valuable” perspective is not my personal view.

But to try to see things from this perspective, I think one area I could find agreement is the principle that all people are equal, and should be regarded as equal, regardless of their physical or intellectual abilities.

I think it is also very difficult to say, if some foetuses can be terminated for extreme deformities, where do you draw the line?


Lillian Smith Tue 19 Nov 2019 10:17PM

@John Penny I agree with your view.


Simon Wed 20 Nov 2019 2:19AM

Could you please clarify exactly what you agree with, Lillian? Judging from your post below, you strongly agree with the "all life is valuable perspective" whereas John is saying that this is not his personal perspective although he can identify with the principle that all people are equal and that deciding criteria for when termination might be allowed is very difficult.


Sylviani Leku Wed 20 Nov 2019 2:55AM

Religious and cultural views will support this approach. As I believe, even embryos have souls and it is pain to see some parents/individuals have to give up their babies. According to https://www.pregnancybirthbaby.org.au/screening-for-down-syndrome, it could take 12 to 13 weeks (first trimester) of pregnancy to notify down syndrome case. Or it could take more weeks of pregnancy due to multiple test to ensure it, until it is painful (emotionally and physically) for individuals/parents/family to make decision, whether to terminate the pregnancy or continue with all the consequences. This is only one case for example.

Furthermore, in religion view, they will say it is a form of murder. Every souls are blessed gift from God. However, although it is pain to admit, I respect all the decisions should be taken by parents/individuals who have to end up their pregnancy. I have to recognise there are many considerations (financial, relationship, or even prevention for the children to be suffered) in many of abortion cases.

My perspective is instead of discuss 'the end up of pregnancy', it is more essential to provide support to live with the consequences of keep the disable children. My thought is if there is a choice to keep it, perhaps individuals/parents/family could support disable children and continue with the pregnancy even though they know the consequences. For instance, like @Lillian Smith said that the government could support disable children by providing good facilities etc.


John Penny Wed 20 Nov 2019 6:42AM

I wonder if there are people who support Approach 2 who are not religious? Is this a religious vs secular debate? Or is there more common ground than that?


Sylviani Leku Wed 20 Nov 2019 8:06AM

I wonder the same thing as you. I just argue that they will support this approach based on the fact how they value life. But sure I think it is simply beyond the religious matter.


Izzy Wed 20 Nov 2019 9:19AM

I imagine that there are secular people who support Approach 2, as people have moral beliefs regardless of their religious status. I think that these moral beliefs tend to be very important to the supporters for Approach 2. People may believe that destroying the 'potential' or 'soul' of an embryo is an immoral thing to do for all sorts of religious or non-religious reasons, for example, one may believe it to be wasteful. However, it is true that these beliefs tend to be shaped by norms in people's cultures and religion. This is why members of various religious groups may be highly represented within those who support Approach 2.


Lillian Smith Wed 20 Nov 2019 9:58AM

@Simon , From what I understand on John's comment, the overall idea on pre-birth testing is a complicated issue involving lots of tough decisions and factors that needs consideration when dealing with a fetuses that has disable characteristics.


Simon Wed 20 Nov 2019 10:29AM

Thanks for clarifying.

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