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6/12/18: Future of Real Estate in Miami & more events locally, nationally

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Seems that the FTC / DOJ workshop on barriers to innovation and anti-competitive real estate practices has the future of the real estate industry echoing in the mainstream press, as well as industry publications, websites, and events. Here's a quick pass at what's in the pipeline:

6/12/18: If RE2020 had a travel budget, I'd gladly be in the audience today watching the real estate startups pitch at:


Instead, will follow on Twitter (add hashtag as soon as available).

6/14/18: Closer to home, a handful of local RETech startups, including #RE2020 colleagues @mikesullivan, @johnpuma & @ericasquith are hosting a Real Estate & Tech Forum at CIC on Thursday, 6:45-7:45pm. More details & registration on:


6/14/18: Earlier in the day, you may want to swing by the 6th annual Boston TechJam at Boston City Hall Plaza. Scanning the wide array of companies, and you'll see current & future players in the #BosRETech ecosystem, including Buildium & Liberty Mutual. Who am I missing, or what other companies will be there in stealth mode?



Will create a poll so people can vote on dates to debrief two big RETech events in past week, one in our backyard and the other in DC:

#RealEstateFTCDOJ in DC on 6/5

#InnovateHousing at @MediaLab yesterday, 6/11/18.

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When should we debrief FTC/DOJ workshop & #InnovateHousing event by MIT/Fannie Mae? Closed Wed 27 Jun 2018 12:02AM

Anyone on RE2020 attend the FTC/DOJ workshop last week ago in DC or watch the LIVESTREAM? If so, want to share your perspective at an informal debriefing soon? If you missed the webcast, you / your team can now view videos of the three panels now online.


Not sure if Brad Inman's overview of changes over the past decade was recorded or livestreamed, but I have notes. This tweet puts his comments into the ongoing discussion on Twitter:


Scan Tweetstream using this link and add your own thoughts using #realestateFTCDOJ


When should we debrief the FTC/DOJ workshop, and MIT / Fannie Mae's event on Rebuilding the Supply of Affordable Housing?


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Nitesh Tue 12 Jun 2018 7:40PM

Guessing the 8:00 PM events are virtual?


Bill Wendel Wed 13 Jun 2018 12:05AM

They certainly can be virtual, probably would opt to use Zoom again.


Bill Wendel Thu 14 Jun 2018 3:38PM

Can we have a show of hand for anyone attending the RETech panel tonight, 6:45pm at CIC in Cambridge (Kendall Square T)? Author / buyer agent @tomwemett is coming into town for the day, and we'd like to use FLAG DAY to introduce #REStartUps, particularly anyone thinking about blockchain and smart contracts, to the importance of fiduciary duties in real estate:

  1. Two decades ago, regulators in New York developed a "Pledge of Allegiance" to help consumers find real estate agents who would act as their advocates rather than waiting for agents to comply with mandatory agency disclosure regulations.

  2. Last year, the presentation was turned into a video released on Flag Day. See links in this blog post: http://bit.ly/ProtectRESelf

  3. Last week, a workshop hosted last week by the FTC/DOJ looked more closely at barriers to innovation and anti-competitive practices in real estate, including conflicts of interest on in-house sales.

  4. Earlier this week at a forum cohosted by Fannie Mae, Thomas Hardjono of MIT's Connection Science & Digital Currency Initiative told the audience of housing innovators that personal data needs to be protected by information fiduciaries.

For more info, watch the expose and visit other links on this blog post:



Tom Wemett Thu 14 Jun 2018 4:17PM

Check out "Massachusetts Homebuyers Beware! The Cards are Stacked Against You", a book by Tom Wemett, Consumer Advocate - Exclusive Buyer Agent, https://tomwemett.com