Thu 28 Nov 2019 1:49AM

Finding a documentation solution without vendor lock-in

P pospi Public Seen by 61

It seems like Gitbook are actually jerks who don't give you access to the git repository your documentation is backed by.

Potential workaround is that there is a bidirectional sync option for Github repos. Since the group is currently private, we would need a private repo to do this backup.

Does anyone have a paid Github account and would like to volunteer to host a backup of the group's handbook?

Once configured, we can connect to the git repo on Github and use it to access the raw data.


pospi Fri 27 Mar 2020 2:19AM

HackMD seems to be working well for everyone. Closing this until such time as we may want to revisit.


pospi Mon 9 Mar 2020 5:06AM

Let's review in a few weeks and see how HackMD is serving our needs.


pospi Mon 9 Mar 2020 4:23AM

I have done the Gitbook export and it is worse than expected. It does not preserve history in the cutover! Completely terrible. But not such a big deal since I am the only one who has written in there directly (others have, but with their names as prefix to a question). The content is now living at https://github.com/economikit-alliance/handbook and browsable at https://economikit-alliance.github.io/, and I have set up a HackMD group for us to edit in for those who aren't comfortable with git usage.

Will send invites around shortly, it's just a bit tedious to add the pages as you have to do them individually.


pospi Tue 3 Dec 2019 8:58PM

No, not at all. We still need some way of getting at the raw data & git history out of Gitbook. I need somebody with a paid Github account to test if this is possible; otherwise we'll need to revisit other solutions.


Bob Haugen Tue 3 Dec 2019 6:56PM

So @pospi are we good now, and we are no longer looking at alternatives?


pospi Mon 2 Dec 2019 11:17PM

FWIW we now have a free pro Gitbook account because we're an open source team... so that's something (;


pospi Mon 2 Dec 2019 2:59AM

Not much of use in that thread, those are all tools requiring the sort of technical expertise I was hoping to avoid here.

Another option is to use a Github wiki directly (the editing isn't quite as nice, but still totally usable if you are comfortable with Markdown). But having a private Github wiki entails the same barrier as syncing Gitbook across- you need a paid Github account.


Bob Haugen Fri 29 Nov 2019 12:33PM

@pospi did you see this SSB thread about gitbook replacements for that very problem?