Engagement sub group meeting - August 2021

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Adam Hardy Thu 2 Sep 2021 9:17PM

Hi Elizabeth, Dorothy,

I am happy to re-do the poll but this time I will hassle everyone remorselessly to participate in the poll to choose a date.


Elizabeth Lowe Tue 31 Aug 2021 7:50AM

Adam, please would you initiate a poll for the next engagement subgroup meeting. I suggest you start with 2 weeks from 13th September. Though I am already heavily committed myself for that week it may be good for others - though not the Wednesday as there is a steering group meeting. Thank you.


Adam Hardy Mon 23 Aug 2021 11:08AM

Well let's see what any one else has to say.

I deliberately invited 8 people to vote on the next subgroup meeting date but only 4 did.

We can try again with more emphatic wording :)


Dorothy Newton Mon 23 Aug 2021 10:56AM

Adam, thank you for this.

Apologies, I can't now find the poll and the other suggested dates, however, I can't now be there on 9th September.

I am keen to meet in person - and with as many of the Steering Group as possible. We need to discuss James Delaware's paper and its implications for our work this autumn. D


Adam Hardy Sun 22 Aug 2021 8:28AM

Well only 4 people voted and no day was unanimous. I think 9th Sept would be best for you 3 who voted although I can't make that evening.

Is the 9th good or shall we try to get more attendees by emailing a nagging question to the others?

Dorothy also raised the question of whether to meet in person or on zoom.

I can set up a zoom link if neededi when I get back from holiday.

Best A


Elizabeth Lowe Sat 21 Aug 2021 5:45PM

Do we have an agreed date for the next Engagement sub-group meeting following the recent poll?


Deleted account Mon 9 Aug 2021 4:31PM

Here are the notes on the 4th August meeting:


Deleted account Wed 4 Aug 2021 5:24PM

Here are Elizabeth's notes on the 14th July meeting for convenience.


Deleted account Wed 4 Aug 2021 5:17PM

Here is a useful update from Dorothy:

On Wed, 4 Aug 2021 at 16:20, Dorothy Newton <
[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Elizabeth and Hugh

I am not able to attend this evening - Wednesdays - in this timeslot - are not good for me.

Here's a few quick updates of people I've been in contact with.

The Islington Women's Walks have been going well - I've attended the three so far.

The next one is organised by the Network of Finsbury Park women's groups and is largely around Andover/Six Acres (The flyer is on our website). I talked with Ruth Clarke who is organising it, at the last one. I've asked about which groups are members of the network and floated the idea of talking with them about the Plan (not on the walk)...The previous walk was from Platform in Hornsey Road but also covered part of Andover...Platform is the youth hub - just on the fringe of our patch but may be a useful place to catch young people. There is a BrightStart children's centre next door - again, may be useful as I think many families from the Andover and our patch use it.

Finsbury Park Sisters (the group of women from churches and mosques) has not met over lockdown but I met Naima from the mosque and we agreed we'd try to have a picnic in the park with games for the children before the end of the holidays..... so we can see if there are possibilities for conversations - both with the women and the children.

I've been talking with David Bovill (Mint Project/Community Radio etc) and Kasper de Graaf - Kasper seems to be organising something special for the FPCT conference - we need to get ourselves onto the agenda

The biggest issue is having a simple, straightforward narrative of what a Plan could do in our area so that people can see a reason to engage with us

I hope the meeting goes well

With all good wishes


Susan Lowenthal Wed 4 Aug 2021 1:09PM

Miyawaki forest would be great if we could find a suitable site.

Green bridge would be amazing if wildly ambitious (nothing wrong with that) & potential PR opportunity. As we’ve already identified, it would extend the green link route, & could be linked to one of the major station area development sites.

I’m sure you all know it already, but the Mile End green bridge was built quite a while ago now, but shows it can be done. https://www.ecosia.org/images?q=mile%20end%20green%20bridge#id=55D96DAEF2A68EAB977D8E550BADA715860E91C9


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