Sun 30 Jan 2022 9:29PM

Burn dates

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This year the dates on the tickets show Nest ending Sunday 5th June. The assumption is therefore this is the day most members will leave site, and therefore people are expecting to go to work on Monday.

In 2018 tickets also showed that the end of the event was a Sunday (10th June in that case). The temple burn was held on Sunday night and therefore lots of people (almost certainly including most newbies who didn't know that temple burn is traditionally a Sunday) missed this key community event.

To avoid a similar situation, I propose that that the burns are held Friday and Saturday evenings. (Or alternatively the dates on the tickets be changed to finish on Monday, and this to happen fast as holiday bookings are already going in)


Sam George Tue 22 Feb 2022 9:18PM

I vote for keeping temple burn Sunday. The Saturday night has always been a party night I feel like the contemplative nature of the temple burn doesn’t fit a Saturday night party vibe.

There are extra bank holidays in the week this year which should help with peoples holidays if they need to take Monday off.

That’s my two Penneth anyway x


Case Mon 21 Feb 2022 10:57AM

A different suggestion. How about effigy Saturday and Temple at like 1 pm Sunday, before people leave. You can still have the ritualistic and spiritual stuff, but it fits in the tickets. Fire won't look so good, but the temple is less about spectacle and more about contemplation.


Paul Phare Tue 22 Feb 2022 11:28AM

Yes agreed, we made a mistake. The ticket shouldn't have stated the event was ending at 5pm on Sunday as the intention was always to have the Temple burn on Sunday after dark. We then plan to strike the site from Monday onwards and people are always welcome to stay and help


Paul Taylor Tue 22 Feb 2022 9:09AM

Tickets for 2020 listed event end time as Mon 12:00, vs. burns on Saturday and Sunday nights. I think the differential from that to 17:00 Sunday this year is part of what has made people confused.


Paul Phare Mon 21 Feb 2022 2:55PM

The festival always ends on the Sunday, what's not so well known is that people don't have to leave on Sunday night


Ali Puddle Mon 21 Feb 2022 2:01PM

It would need to be handled carefully as it would effectively be changing a product after purchase, people have probably started making decisions based on the date given by the ticket, and that date will remain on the tickets too, with potential for future confusion.


Case Mon 21 Feb 2022 10:32AM

Can we change all the comms then please (this is something I've been raising on fb as soon as the dates showing event finishing Sunday was listed). Tickets that say something finishes on Sunday mean people book work on Monday.


Paul Phare Fri 18 Feb 2022 4:16PM

I think regardless of whether people are allowed to strike on Monday, many will want to strike on Sunday and get home for work on Monday. I agree, letting it be known will help people make an informed decision about whether they want to stay for Temple on Sunday - if that's where this ends up.


Allan Fri 18 Feb 2022 3:48PM

Thanks @Paul Phare . In that case the solution seems simple - Effigy Sat, Temple Sun & change the end date on the tickets to Mon - or if that's not possible for duration/licencing reasons make VERY clear to everyone via comms that we don't need to be off-site till Mon (or later if they sign-up for Strike).

It may be complicating things too much to add another poll option to retain existing plan of Effigy Sat, Temple Sun & to amend dates on tickets/clarify dates via comms. That said I think it worthwhile to amend ticket dates & clarify via comms as I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding underlying this whole discussion (ie that the event ends Sun & we need to be gone by then).

As you point out this isn't the case I think this whole discussion could be resolved just by letting that be more widely known.


Paul Phare Fri 18 Feb 2022 2:21PM

It's the 2nd one; except we have a few days to fully strike the site after everyone has left on Monday

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