Wed 10 Jun 2015 6:11PM

Shall we buy a Park Tools wheel truing stand for Freewheelers?

LB Lyndsay Burtonshaw Public Seen by 145

Freewheelers are very low on money, and we are not. We have benefitted from the use of their wheel truing stand a LOT, and will continue to do so. Currently, theirs is pretty broken and needs replacing. This is a good quality Park Tools one that will last, we can order through Baker Street Bikes to get a discount price -

Also, I am suggesting we donate a one off sum of money to Freewheelers for wear and tear of their tools that was incurred before we got out own tools, in the spirit of thanks and cooperation.


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We buy a Park Tools wheel truing stand and donate >£50 to Freewheelers Closed Sat 13 Jun 2015 6:07PM

Detail included before.


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Lyndsay Burtonshaw Sat 13 Jun 2015 8:58AM

How much would a wheel truing stand cost? I can't find any prices on that link....