Mon 12 Jul 2021 4:02PM


NJJ Nijil Jamal Jones Public Seen by 9

Let's have a general discussion around the roles within Pecan Milk Co-op.

After we agree on the roles, we can vote on a budget to determine which roles will be funded.

We can then create a contract or a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for every person within a role in the Pecan Milk Cooperative organization. The entire cooperative will vote to approve every worker-owner's contract or MoU, guiding the work they will be doing for a specific period of time.

General Roles Overview:

  1. Sales-Person: Reaches out to targets for sales, including sales of equity shares

  2. Finance-Person: Manages bookkeeping, taxes, worker-owner equity, cash equity investments, compensation, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, and loans/liabilities.

  3. Chef: Produces food products and samples. Follows processes, including counting inventory.

  4. Delivery-Driver: Delivers products and samples.

  5. Information-Technology-Person: Edits website, URL, domain names, computer software and e-mails.

  6. Search-Engine-Optimizer: Works on search engine optimization (SEO) by running Google ads, increasing and improving word content and by other means

  7. Graphic Designer: Designs labels, marketing materials, ads, and other graphics

  8. Tweeter: Creates Twitter content and engages with Twitter

  9. Facebooker/Instagramer: Plans, posts and analyzes for FaceBook and Instagram

  10. YouTuber: Creates videos and content for YouTube

  11. Press-Person: Reaches out to media to receive free press

  12. Market Researcher: analyzes data, competition, consumers and marketing

  13. TikToker: Plans, posts and analyzes for TikTok

  14. Marketing-Material-Manager: Orders and manages material for marketing, like T-shirts and flyers

  15. Customer Service: Communicates with customers and clients to reach marketing goals


Michele Mills Mon 12 Jul 2021 10:35PM

Sounds good to me