Tue 2 Aug 2016 2:29AM

Sidebar language 馃殌

NL Natalia Lombardo Public Seen by 66

Hi everyone! now that we have a great new sidebar I noticed that on some languages, some of the links (mainly Explore public groups and Email settings) get cut because the words are too long and the sidebar width is fix.

So, if you see that in your language some of those links get cut and you think that the wording can be change to a shorter one, please go on and change it on Transifex - Main app - lines 155 to 163 (sidebar lines).

Many thanks from the Loomio team :heart:


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 3 Aug 2016 3:00AM

For "Explore public groups" I wonder if just "public groups" might work, or something like "group browser".


Jeff Huang Wed 3 Aug 2016 1:45PM

Oh good, works fine in Traditional Chinese :D


Robert Guthrie Wed 3 Aug 2016 8:47PM

I've updated the english to be 'Public groups' I did think about 'Find groups' too.. I'm not sure which I think is better.


Natalia Lombardo Wed 3 Aug 2016 9:14PM

I think Public groups is good enough, thanks Rob! I wonder if for email settings we want to go back to 'notifications' now that is on the sidebar and has an icon?


Novica Zivkovic Fri 12 Aug 2016 3:52PM

Looks fine in serbian language, i'm paying my attention to this topic science day one of translation process.