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Quarterly (Strategy) Member Conversations

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To try to keep members informed about what is going on at social.coop we have been convening quarterly member meetings. This thread will contain future dates, the minutes from these quarterly conversations and also scheduling information.

The disroot pad with all of the notes from our previous quarterly meetings can be found here: https://pad.disroot.org/p/Social.Coop_Strategy_Summit_%231


emi do Sat 5 Jun 2021 10:51PM

Quarterly Member Conversation #3
June 5, 2021
6am Colorado, 9pm Tokyo, 12noon UTC.

Participants: Matt, Neil, John, Emi, Caitlin
Note-taker: Emi 
Facilitator: Matt 

Intros: Name, pronouns, location, last song you heard before this call a question you have related to social.coop

·    John, Russia, Kokoko

·    Neil: NW UK, Livestream of Nature: Acoustic Commons 

·    Emi: TYO, Canada, Get Your Freak On

·    Matt N.: USA, Pussy Cat Meow 

·    Caitlin: Vermont, USA, 


·    Tech WG: https://www.loomio.org/g/Mtb0FrvX/social-coop-tech-working-group

·    Community WG: https://www.loomio.org/socialcoop-community-working-group/

·    Finance WG

·    COC and Fed. Policy Review and Update: https://www.loomio.org/p/tMxEWj9h/coc-and-federation-policy-review-update-meeting

·    Mastodon Instance

·    Meet.Coop

·    Loomio

·    Matrix

·    Community Cafe: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17rPIaGBEt660k2Os6G3tCZRnvPhe-lB30KkSYBt3vRw/edit#gid=0

Reflections, Aspirations, Ideas

·    stewardship of commons

·    documentation of what we do: how do we make this more open and connected

·    put out call to invite people to join tech WG? Rotation of on call tech WG members? Training for tech volunteers to help with tasks? 

·    meet.coop example of tech vs. community users

Go around

·    discussion about values, how social.coop is managed, how democracy is enacted on the instance, engaging members (voting, reporting, giving opinions)

·    is there a way of creating an on-ramp for having members participating more in governance as a whole, increases members civic involvement in the instance, surfacing of what needs to happen to keep social.coop running

·    what's the overall goal? moving from network of people to community of practice with shared purpose, shared goal (example: output such as a knowledge commons that people are a part of)

·    making social.coop not just another 'inbox to check' and move towards a community of practices

Potential action item:

·    10 minute interview with tech WG about what they do to keep the instance running so that everyone understands what happens ("visible social.coop")


Should it be a role to surface all the activity on Mastodon instance?
Is it obvious that something has been moderated? Should it be?
Should wiki be more accessible, updated?
Distributed moderation?
Hometown has local only posts?
What's a good number to be on Social.Coop?
Do we promote Social.Coop? How? Who do we urge to join? 
Cruiseship or Life Raft?
Reading Group as a way to engage people?
How big should Social.Coop be?
Is the commoning approach appropriate for how we approach tech maintenance


Josh Davis Tue 7 Dec 2021 5:20PM

Local only posts is something I've been wishing were an option. Sometimes I want to post something only to SC people, and it annoys me that there's no feature for that. But it seems like it's probably something that would require some coding, and that's not my jam. But it is my #1 wish for our Masto instance.