Stand Up Unconference Promotion Material

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The purpose of this thread is to provide further information that can help navigators when promoting the Stand Up Unconference.

The EOI for the Unconference is now closed. Over 30 people have registered to attend, and more emails are coming in daily, asking about this great event! We are now opening the registrations for the Unconference to extended social enterprise communities and invite you to share the event and improve our marketing with your networks. We have attached the following:
- A PDF flyer with an embedded video promoting the Unconference
- Social Media Tiles (x2) for promotion
- Link to Humanitix registration page
- Link to the Unconference webpage

Please feel free to post the news on your social media pages, send emails and contribute towards building excitement for this event.

To help save time, you can adapt the following text for marketing purposes...

"You may be interested in attending the upcoming Social Enterprise Stand Up Unconference. This is a collaborative weekend for doers and change makers who want to build a collective vision for social enterprise in Queensland.

The Unconference brings together a largely diverse group to share, learn, laugh and magnify the Social Enterprise sector’s impact. Titles aren’t important. Hierarchy isn’t important. Engaging with and inspiring one another is what this event is all about.

Event Details:
- From 5pm on Friday, 23 August to 2pm on Sunday, 25 August.
- Apex Camp Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast

The event is limited to 150 social enterprise doers, supporters, and sector builders. If you are not sure how an Unconference works, check out the website. If you are interested in registering you can pay directly on the Humanitix website.

If you have any special needs (i.e. childcare) or want to apply for a travel scholarship, please let the Unconference organisers know as soon as possible by emailing [email protected]"

Can't wait to see you all there!