International yet Belgian Pirates

JT Jochen Timmermans Public Seen by 344

Anyone interested in starting an International Belgian Pirate crew aimed at Belgians in foreign lands who are still interested in Belgian politics in general and the Belgian Pirate Party in particular?

Of course, every beer / meetup / discussion would need to happen online, so anyone with ideas for platforms, feel free to comment.


HgO Tue 30 Jan 2018 10:05AM

First, I wanted to thank you for all the translations you did on the wiki ! :)

Hmm if you want to launch a international crew, please do ! However, I'm not sure how you'll organize meetings.. It's not the same when it's online only :/

Do you have ideas on how we could help you ?


Jochen Timmermans Tue 30 Jan 2018 10:55AM

Getting an online crew together in real life is very hard, although this depends on the locations of the members. The very best we can hope for is a meeting once a year, in Belgium, maybe coinciding with the GA.

As for online meetings, I'd think those could be done monthly through a group webcam session.

I don't know how many members will eventually be in this crew, it could be that I'm the only Belgian abroad who's still interested in Belgian politics...