Gifts and Strengths Audit

MK Michaela Kennedy Public Seen by 22

We would like to re-invigorate the Gifts and Strengths Audit. We know some members have already completed this form, awesome, thank you and we invite those that haven't to please contribute. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=rwwYlLF-NkypN3sqY7we7ukJBFHDT-VMlxUHB5LOCDJUN0QwUVlIRjg0TFU3TENVSFpOOTJGNk9CUCQlQCN0PWcu

Once members have completed the form or reviewed your responses we will be developing a spreadsheet with all the Gifts & Strengths listed so that you can add your name to the gifts and strengths you know about, would like to teach and / or would like to learn. Please go to the form linked here and complete before 19.06.2022. We will have the register here for you to add to by end June 2022.

This way members will be able to search the spreadsheet for gifts and strengths they want to find. E.g. if you want to learn to knit, you can search for the members that know how to knit and would like to teach others. If you are in a Jedi / Jedlet and looking for someone who understands grant writing, you can search for that on our Gifts and Strengths register.

We need you and your participation to be involved with a generosity of spirit.

If you want some help please contact Ella Clucks or Michaela Kennedy

Thank you in advance. xx