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Co-Purchasing of Land

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A $1,000,000 property purchased by 1000 people would cost $1000 each. This purchase grants each member access to the property and the ability to launch initiatives (requests to enact a plans that will affect others).

An example initiative is the purposed planting of a vegetable garden. Members would determine the details of the proposal, such as the best location for the garden, through online and face-to-face discussion. Actions are permitted when all voters have consented and the poll has been open for over 10 days.

The term consent is used to illustrate that the voter should ask themselves "do I object?" rather than "do I agree?" as would be the case in consensus based decision making.

Some examples of ways in which the land could be used include:
1.Farming and agriculture
5.Creative spaces.


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i think it is a good idea


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