A proposed ecosystem of open data (diagram from the workshops)

CF Cam Findlay Public Seen by 354

We presented this diagram at the workshops in Wellington (@danrandow may wish to jump into this conversation to explain it further). The attached diagram sets out a map of the supply and demand side of what a new open data high level system between Government and Users might look like based on something like the Open Data Charter.

Despite it's surface looking complexity, it you break it down into 2 sets (1 for the govt supply side, the other for the wider demand side) of 2 columns (there are things that are "done" and things that are "results" for each side), you can start to follow the flow.

Keep in mind, this is strategic level which is mostly where the current discussions are at present (implementation and what that means is a later and deeper level conversation to be had).

See what you think can you follow this? Participants at the workshop once it was walked through were able to get a good sense of the high level of what is being proposed.


aimee whitcroft Thu 29 Sep 2016 11:17PM

This is fantastic, @camfindlay1 and @danrandow, thanks! Very clear and easy to understand :)