Display location of pictures based on EXIF data

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@spixi opened a PR about that and the discussion started on loomio was on a wrong thread so I'm opening this one.

Basically, this is about getting the location data from EXIF and then allow the user to display it on a map.
It has first been implemented on the /photos page:

Notice the small marker at the bottom right of the picture. When you click on it, a map opens:

So the current problem with this design is that the map is really small. You can't properly navigate in it so it becomes quite useless.

The proposition here would be to integrate this feature (a marker at the bottom right of the picture) inside the lightbox (the view displayed when a picture is clicked), as suggested by @denschub.

Here is a summary of how the feature can look like (feedback welcome if anybody has suggestions):
- The lightbox is completed to have info displayed on hover (Author, link to the post, location marker... see screenshot below)
- When clicking the location marker, the map is displayed in front of the picture
- The location marker can be kept on the /photos page in my opinion as it is really small, but when it is clicked, the lightbox is open, with the map open (state described above) instead of trying to display a map in a really small tile.

What does everybody think about that?


spixi Fri 17 Mar 2017 9:22PM

Displaying the location data is one thing, but I feel saving it is much more important. I usually organise photos by place and time. The map was just an idea for the /photos page. I have not implemented a map for the single photo view. I think, a small map in /photos is fine, but the single photo view (which is shown, when you click on a photo in a status message) itself needs a larger map. This, however, requires a whole revision of that view. I also like to include additional information like title, description, date, hashtags, number of likes and reshares ... The flickr view is a nice example for this. I don't know if this is the right place to discuss this, because it mainly belongs to the discussion how to organise photos, but organising them geographically is one aspect and the map is a nice gimmick and it is consistent, because we already show a map for status messages.