Thu 11 Jun 2020 7:21AM

Stewarding a tools infrastructure - Making a digital commons

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This is a post- conference thread following Open2020, for ongoing reflection. The session reviewed a number of established forms of governance that might be considered for an infrastructure of distributed digital resources on the web. A panel presented ideas, success stories and thoughts on challenges. The Online Meeting Coop (meet.coop) - newly operating as hosts of the conference - responded to this array of issues.

Panel members were:

  • Alfredo Lopez - May First Movement Technology

  • Francesca Pick - Greaterthan, Enspiral

  • Petter Joelson - collective.tools, digiDemLab

  • Albert Tucker - The Social Business Network, Etico (Fairtrade organisations)

Wouter Tebbens (femProComuns) responded from meet.coop.

The script for the presentation is here - https://pad.disroot.org/p/r.679745f34770fe8b9a33a20d847621e0

Visuals of four models of governance are here - https://cloud.owncube.com/s/PJ5337pJGKmwok8


Mofwoofoo Thu 13 Aug 2020 6:24PM

The "Reset" Is a Choice We (the 99%) Must Make

We need to move from "survival of the fittest", the predator-prey economy to a synergistic, holistic, cooperative way of living together and self-organizing. To acknowledge our role as stewards rather than dominators in the care of life on the planet. In so many ways human social behavior reflects our innate animal nature. However we differ from all the other animals in that we have the ability to be "ethical" or not. It requires a conscious choice. And though this choice has often been neglected, we are forced to make this choice now if we wish to survive as a species.

There are far too many unethical activities occurring on the planet that are leading us to self-annihilation. Wars, domination, exploitation, crime, species extinction, unequal distribution of resources, environmental degradation to name a few. Not only do these occurrences make life a burden rather than a joy for the majority of humanity but are clearly responsible for the multi-crises that we all are facing right now.

We are at a crossroads, a turning point, our fate is hanging in the balance, a paradigm shift is imminent and necessary. We must choose wisely, ethically. There are many distractions, diversions, and manipulations that obscure the majority from making the correct choices. There are those who enjoy power over others that would rather cling to the status quo to maintain their status. They are fighting for their lives, so to speak and are using every method conceivable to insure their success. It seems that humanity can be easily manipulated. To win this battle of the minds we must be able to see through their strategies.

They are using the Trojan Horse strategy. Presenting what seems like a benefit, a gift, when it actually holds within it a hidden means to control and dominate. It is a trick to fool us into submission. Examples: Using AI and IoTs to enhance our lives while at the same time using it to spy and track our every move, externally as well as internally with the implementation of the microchip. The microchip will make it easier for anyone to enter secured spaces, negating the need for passwords and keys, also reducing the possibility of spreading contagious diseases by having our health monitored. These are all wonderful, but it ignores our right to privacy and limits our freedom. In China and elsewhere there are now cameras everywhere with the ability of facial recognition, this reduces the possibility of crime, but again reduces our freedom. Mandatory vaccines may diminish the possibilities of some epidemics but again ignores the sovereignty of each human body. Universal basic income would take the stress off of the necessity of income in order to live, but again, the donor, the government could use this easily to control by rescinding this for special individuals who may be deemed as a threat to the system. The same for a universal digital currency, which saves us from having to touch money and lowers the possibility for us to be robbed, but could be used as a mechanism to control by rescinding the availability of this to any individual and for tracking our every expenditure.

The clever technique is to create an existential conundrum from which each individual must make a choice at the expense of one of our most basic needs, i.e. in the case of the covid 19, the choice between health security, survival vs. civil liberties. Or in the case of the microchip, convenience and security vs. freedom, privacy. Those who would prefer to keep the status quo, the neo-liberal agenda, own the media, the sources for information except the internet, which they render useless by censoring and promulgating propaganda and false information. It is through this kind of manipulation that the public is constantly controlled and deluded.

For those of us who want to exchange the old paradigm of degradation to one of regeneration we face seemingly insurmountable odds with horrifying consequences. Localization is one strategy that has some merit. Citizens self organizing and reinventing their cities. However, what is really lacking and what really seems necessary is a palpable unification to give us solidarity for the purpose of being a force for good. We hope to achieve this by creating a gigantic network of like-minded individuals and organizations with a platform that facilitates collaboration on all levels. We are 3 months into achieving this and it will take more time. All are invited to participate: utopiacornucopia.org.

Furthermore we can imagine a world where all countries were self-organized through horizontal governing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR11WJXljA5qNjW-5vFsDqQ9LCWvBM8Mno_eifoiXx4t3Il9Rc9BQUgUogA. If this could be achieved, there would be no need for militarism as we would have created a world based on cooperation and sharing of resources and many of the ills that blight humanity would disappear.