Wed 10 Nov 2021 12:07PM

December SG Meeting Agenda ideas

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Hi all, thought it would be useful to have a list that we can add to with stuff we'd like to talk about in the next SG meeting, since ideas seem to pop into my head then by the end of the month i forget them! Would also be useful for us to start having a think about them. Please add to it.

Meeting ideas:

.Brief update of the land since last meeting: what's developed, volunteer sessions etc etc

. Brief update on flowers (Liz), herbs (Belle), grains (Duncan/Katie) and veg (Finn) projects.

. SG roles who and what update: What role do you want to take on? (See roles here - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VG5kFvy3zcdQUCULqBjubGHemSd7DM7rWNU3gHPNr7o/edit)

. Update on communications campaign: What are the best ideas, what is needed to make them happen.

. Do we need an infrastructure/building subgroup/team for the practical members of loveland that can build compost loos and sheds!?

. Funding bids on the go, what needs doing. - Trees?

. Starting an events schedule for 2022!



Katie Bliss Wed 1 Dec 2021 10:47AM

Hello all :)

I will still be isolating on Saturday - are you meeting in person?



Finn Wed 1 Dec 2021 10:54AM

Think the plan was to meet at pavillion x


Katie Bliss Wed 1 Dec 2021 10:57AM

If there is a way to zoom me in I shall join but also understand if that doesn’t work!

We are having a grain brain meeting tomorrow morning


Katie Bliss Wed 1 Dec 2021 11:31AM

Interested in community outreach role :)


Stephen Davies Wed 1 Dec 2021 11:17AM

Morrrnen! Fran and I have said we’ll lead the building and infrastructure sub group x


Finn Wed 1 Dec 2021 12:09PM

I wondered whether the logistics role should be split into two, with one being solely for the buildings/infrastructure of the land. Would you two be happy to have that role within the steering group, if it becomes a role...


Sally Wed 1 Dec 2021 5:07PM

Thanks loads Finn, do we need to book something at Pavilion or can we just show up?

Think we should add budget/ finances to the agenda

Katie I will bring my laptop so we can try and zoom you in!

Here's the link to the minutes from the last meeting: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YnqiQIIeL7FSSw91A8KadQnREq1PjHNgKsE2_19V3eg/edit?usp=sharing


Tallulah Wed 1 Dec 2021 7:27PM

Agenda looks great, yes agree @Sally to add finaces/ budget to agenda- do we have an update on current finances yet or shall I try to get it off Ben? Do we know roughly how much many we’ll be for the meeting and I can message Jo at the café to let her know we are coming :)


Alex Murphy Thu 2 Dec 2021 7:04AM

I can get a brief finance update from the system :)

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Sally Thu 2 Dec 2021 9:39AM

Amazing thanks Alex :o)

Here's a link to a draft budget sheet that Finn and me have been working on


Katie Bliss Sat 4 Dec 2021 2:16PM

Hello - no worries about it being unzoomable! Just a quick update on grains:

During my covidyness have had the luxury of having brain space to think loads about this and have had lots of ideas - some of which are defo for further down the road! But I have been contacting people that have done similar projects / might be able to help with seed and possibly funding down the road. Please do add anyone you know of here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KHiOPKzHW1LewVI3xJV3LD2Dbn1-O1X9ZtsI-O21TOE/edit

We have a nice little group forming with Duncan, Hariet and Emma Ebehardt and had our first meeting on Thursday which was great! Hariets work with Naked Oats is really fascinating and brings in the cultural history elements and the wider grain renaissance so awesome to have her involved!

i have made this spreadsheet with the seed we currently have and what we are hoping to get our hands on: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rVVBnFh625BVa1NquLsH1tL-n-dp-UGF/edit?dls=true#gid=1263897674 That includes lentils, naked oats, population and heritage wheats, quinoa, fava beans etc We have also looked a bit at tubers - but maybe that needs to go in another bed? (Could be with the squash?)

We have started looking on gene banks for local cornish landraces and varieties of pulses and cereals and getting in touch with people we know may ne willing to share a bit of seed!

I have been doing some germination tests on the YQ Population / Old Burwell (loca cambs heritage variety) and millers choice (population of heritage and modern wheats) - they are 4 years old but the YQ especially has done really well. So although it is a little late hoping to get them in.

We have pencilled in Thursday 9th to sow them - but obviously will have to see what the weather is doing! It looks like a wet week.. so will have to see

**The Q for the SG therefore is just to confirm you are happy for us to go ahead - and which 15*24 plot we should sow into. Also wondering if there are any without the phacelia and buckwheat and to see if anyone has a hand cultivator we could use to disturb it and make a new seed bed if not (would be great to sow into it but think it might be too competitive - but we can how down the strips so could be a possibility too) probably best we talk directly to Finn and Sally on this but just wanted to run it by you all!

We also wanted to think a bit about the configuration of blocks vs strips - perhaps for harvest the blocks may work better. We are also considering some intercropping / strip cropping but again need to consider harvest and seperation. But Duncan has been looking into farm hack tech options and we have some contacts we hope can help along with the power of the people!

We would also be interested to open up the group - so can write something for the next newsletter. We have made a seperate Whats App group. It would be great to invite people to the sowing but we may have to grab a weather window when we get one.

Lots more I could say but will leave it there! : ) Think main point is - we will talk to Finn to work out the details!


Katie Bliss Sat 4 Dec 2021 2:24PM

On another note - up for the networking role, think it would be good to have 2 of us on it (looks like you wondered 1 or 2) I would love to do the outreach to other projects / groups / growers etc . Someone with local Penryn knowledge and networks and social media skills as a cobuddy would be ace!

Thanks also to Finn for organising the folders and defining these roles - think that is super useful.


Loveland Wed 8 Dec 2021 8:25PM

Hi all, attaching minutes from Saturdays meeting here https://docs.google.com/document/d/12JGUM6HLT106M7JkTypTOz64VlfNE2FeRnqecQvKabY/edit

Please read through to check over and review the action points discussed in red. Blue writing indicates bits I wasn't fully sure on so please add! Thanks all for a great meeting! X