Sun 11 Oct 2015 4:15PM

What is Hello Yello?

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to help us organize our thoughts on the project and brainstorm with intention


Laura Headley Mon 12 Oct 2015 5:25AM

A search. a discovery
A time and space for sharing thoughts and feelings
A collection and organic definition
An invitation to connect and reconnect with friends, face to face, hearts open, taking time to reflect on people who matter in our lives, the people we chose to have in our life, the people who make life matter, who make it rich, who help us breathe easy and share laughter with; who pick us up after we fall down and the ones we can tell everything to.


Laura Headley Mon 12 Oct 2015 5:29AM

Branche of conversation with indirect focus on gratitude, spurring chats about human experiences that have touched our hearts.