Tue 16 Apr 2024 7:41AM

New Holochain tools

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Weave, Moss and more tools from Holochain


Oli SB Tue 16 Apr 2024 7:57AM

Hi All,
It's been a while but it seems like some of the original promise of Holochain, which we wrote about back in 2018 (part 1, part 2) might finally be coming to life. Lightingrod Labs (Eric Harris-Braun's Holochain business) have been busying away and have now launched Moss - A frame for growing social fabric in The Weave.

Formerly known as "We", Moss is an app that makes it easy for groups to form, and assemble a suite of interoperable tools like chat, spread-sheets, drawing, kanban, games, notes, docs etc within a group setting. You can also embed elements from other tools within any particular group context.

Moss is a standalone app which relies on an small Holochain hApps (applets) to provide the tools, and you can download it and start to play with it already (although it's still very beta) ... what's exciting is that it provides a fully open peer-to-peer framework for deploying and remixing Holochain apps as per the original vision.

If you've played with Moss, or any of the new tools, or plan to host other people's Groups via your Holoport, let us know what you think? Will 2024 be the year Holochain takes off?


Oli SB Tue 16 Apr 2024 7:59AM

There's also https://acorn.software/ which is a beautifully simple project management tool that builds in dependencies as standard - excellent for plotting plans for world domination all the way down to each individual task required. :)


[email protected] Tue 16 Apr 2024 9:36AM

I share the interest in Holochain. Great for sharing those links here, Oli! Agreed that the apps are still very much in beta, but their potential is slowly surfacing. According to the Holochain & Holo.host team somewhere during this quarter they plan to publish the holo hosting network. That should make it more accessible, hosting such happs somewhere, on your own holo.port or someone else's. Then we get to the next step and people can join a community or group.

I'd be happy to do some collective testing and maybe we can form a community there at some point.


[email protected] Tue 16 Apr 2024 9:38AM

There's also the Neighbourhoods network (https://neighbourhoods.network/) which is also based on Holochain and caters for building up small or medium sized communities that can define how they want to use their data and create metrics that are portable between communities. I didn't yet manage to install it myself, but maybe soon I've some time for that.


spirit Tue 16 Apr 2024 6:06PM

Anyone have any inside word about Flux?


Matthew Slater Tue 16 Apr 2024 7:40PM

I've downloaded moss but there's no list of communities to join. Is there a test community and how can get an invo?


Lynn Foster Tue 16 Apr 2024 10:11PM

We (Valueflows / hREA / Carbon Farm Network) have put the CFN app (only partially done, and not even very demo-ready, although we hope soon) into Moss and are starting to get some experience with it. Moss is very cool, with lots of possibilities, imo.

You should be able to create a group, and then you will get a set of apps you can install for the group. From the group, you can also get an invite link to invite other people into the group. Maybe the people here should all join the same group and experiment. I'd be happy to join. Or to create one and invite you.

You do have to look around the UI for what you can do where, but it becomes clear with a little looking around. There's a sort of dim gear (settings kind of thing) that you should try. There are features we haven't tried yet, like connecting apps to each other based on data in one of the apps, which is a feature we want to use, for example starting a chat for one work plan or to-do.


[email protected] Wed 17 Apr 2024 7:02AM

Hi Lynn, Oli and all,

I've started a little group called P2P Commons Explorations and
activated a series of applets. Here's the link to join:

To join, you need to open the Weaver environment and click
the "Join Group" button and enter this link.

Feel free to join so we can together try 'em out and see what
opportunities this might give us.




mike_hales Wed 17 Apr 2024 4:43PM

@wouterfreeknowledge.eu How do I edit my profile? I might not want to keep the display name I created (barefoot doc).


[email protected] Thu 18 Apr 2024 7:31AM

Hi Mike,

I cannot find that option either! It should be possible, but
maybe not yet integrated in the current UI?



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