Mon 9 Jan 2017 2:02PM

Skype meeting

LDS Lucia Doran Santamaria Public Seen by 357

Hi Oriol, Happy 2017!

We would like to discuss where we're at in regards to the surveillance drone. We're flexible on a date & time, preferably this week Tuesday-Thursday.
Let us know what suits you best, but a discussion face-to-face would be most ideal, maybe Skype?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to our talk.

On behalf of the Drone group,



Oriol López Thu 12 Jan 2017 12:45AM

Hi Lucia, sorry I was traveling back to Japan. Today Thursday should work. But let me know what time, I´m a bit busy catching up. You can send me an invitation to the email ([email protected]).



Lucia Doran Santamaria Thu 12 Jan 2017 8:30AM

Hola Oriol,

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get notified. Could it be possible in 2-3hr?

Best regards,



Bogdan Alexandru Demeter Thu 12 Jan 2017 9:11AM

Hey Oriol,

We kind of looked at the GMT at the time Lucia sent you the message above, so it was 5 PM (that's why we went for "2-3hr"). There's no rush or anything, we just want to meet you and show you what we have, even tomorrow is ok for us.

The only problem we have and what I wanted to add to Lucia's reply is that we need to be in school during the conversation so that we can actually show you our prototypes.

Kind regards,


Oriol López Thu 12 Jan 2017 10:39AM


Last night did not sleep due to jet lag. I'm falling down. Does it work tomorrow? Early your morning would be perfect.



Bogdan Alexandru Demeter Thu 12 Jan 2017 1:57PM

That works best!

Is it ok to be in touch at around 12 PM tomorrow (Noon), our GMT?

If so, I will see you tomorrow then. Lucia is not going to be available before that.

Kind regards,