Fri 11 Oct 2013 4:51PM

Non-profit Status for Bike!Bike! ???

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For 10 years, BB has been an entity without formal structure or organization. In many ways, this is part of what makes BB amazing.

At the same time, BB is changing; the bike movement gains momentum; and the members and needs of community bike projects grow and shift.

Over the past couple of years, members of the Bike!Bike! community have begun discussing the pros and cons of creating a non-profit entity to better support the mission and logistical feasibility of Bike!Bike! This discussion developed through open conversation during Bike!Bike! itself, and has continued remotely through the Bike!Bike! Working Group, an informal network of individuals committed to continuing this discussion between conferences.

The goal of this work is not to graft a structure of authority onto the collective phenomenon of Bike!Bike!; rather, we want to work cooperatively toward developing a simple legal framework and shared toolkit that will make Bike!Bike! easier to attend, host, and replicate. Folks interested in contributing to this work are always encouraged to participate.


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Mission Statement Closed Mon 30 Jun 2014 11:08PM

We need to decide on a mission statement. Here's a draft.

The mission of B!B! is to foster growth and sustainability among community bicycle projects.

B!B! aims to provide a venue for community bike projects from around the world to network and "cross pollinate" to share ideas and tactics for (building a stronger and wider network of community bicycle projects).

We define Bike!Bike! as :
Bike!Bike! is an annual international conference run by and for community bicycle projects.


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Rich Points
Sun 13 Oct 2013 2:06PM

My only concern is the Bike Collectives Network, what will become of it? Perhaps we should consider incorporating under the name Bike Collectives Network with Bike! Bike! being one of it's projects.

Sun 13 Oct 2013 6:00PM

Captures everything from our discussion!


Leticia Esquer
Mon 14 Oct 2013 6:38PM

I second Rich. Bike Bike is now more than a gathering, we have came to proposals, actions to work together. We've talked about information, experiences, skills exchange. And that's a Network.


paul fitz
Sat 19 Oct 2013 1:45AM

I think the last sentence could be split up into 2 sentences like this:
"...to network and cross pollinate. We strive to build a stronger and wider network of community bike projects by sharing ideas and tactics." or something along those lines?


sunny sealeopard
Fri 29 Nov 2013 11:22PM

I'm on board with the edit on the last sentence.
and maybe... "Bike!Bike! is both a decentralized think tank, which includes the Bicycle Collectives Network, and also an annual international conference run by and for community bicycle projects."


Ricky Rodriguez
Sat 30 Nov 2013 1:17AM

I don't think this is the appropriate venue for this to be decided. The fact that only 5people have agreed out of at least 100 people that are probably interested in these kind of processes. I think there needs to be a different strategy.


Victor Pizarro
Sat 30 Nov 2013 5:19AM

I'd like to second Paul. It seems like we're trying to capture to much in a single sentence and breaking it up may give it more clarity, or just making it a simpler sentence, like "more robust" instead of "stronger and wider".


Sat 30 Nov 2013 8:45PM

Late to discussion - sorry, still learning the Loomio.

Would upthumb a mission statement that said "The mission of B!B! is to foster COLLABORATION and sustainability [etc.]" Downthumb specific to "growth;" "collaboration" fits B!B! better IMO.


Momoko Saunders Sat 12 Oct 2013 11:04PM

It appears as if we can only make one decision at a time in this discussion so it seems smart to start with the mission statement as this will guide a lot of our future decisions.

Attached here are the notes from the "What is Bikebike?" workshop.

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