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Hello All,

To our surprise, we are building a "data browser". A personal mashup engine: an antidote to big data: #littledata. The App plugs into any API; bi-directional. The App's API clients (Adapters and Flows) are scriptable configuration (not code) that can be easily modified and shared across communities. Kendraio App is now mature enough to show you. And I'd like to do that. So, please get in touch.

When we started building Kendraio App we thought we were making an asset/rights management dashboard app for artists/managers integrating with service provider APIs. So far we have integrated with YouTube, Spotify, Teosto (Finland's CMO), DDEX (strictly speaking a protocol not an API), Bandsintown (an event listing service), MusicBrainz (a complex wiki for music data) and more in the pipeline.

Then we realised that the tools we are creating could work in any environment and any sector. Hence #databrowser. We are building interface first. Human centric. Not service centric. Hence a local app. For people.

We'd like you to challenge us, my Kendraio team. We still have some funding from the EU (until August 2020). We'd like you to set us tasks. Could be to integrate an API. Could be to model a protocol. Could be to build a dashboard for a sector or service. Go wild! Go blue sky! Challenge us!

This is alpha software but we are already operational and working with real APIs/protocols and real people/organisations. If you want to take a look see:

• Online demo: https://app.kendra.io
• More information: https://www.kendra.io/kendraio-app
• Read the documentation: https://kendraio-app.readthedocs.io
• For help and support, join the conversation on Slack: http://slack.kendra.io
• To download the source code, visit the repo: https://github.com/kendraio/kendraio-app
• To report bugs, suggest improvements, or request features, use the issue tracker: https://github.com/kendraio/kendraio-app/issues

This a time limited offer (if we don't get more funding beyond August 2020). But there is still time to develop amazing worlds. Let me know what you are up to and how we can collaborate.

Cheers Daniel


Steve Huckle Sun 5 Apr 2020 12:43PM

@Daniel Harris - do I? Er, the last graph - the one showing the spike on the 13th? Interested in the idea...


Daniel Harris Sun 5 Apr 2020 12:19PM

@Steve Huckle You need to say which graph. And you might be better off attaching an image of just that part so we know what you are talking about. But, OMG, you have just given me the bestest idea ever in the whole world for how we can identify exactly what we are talking about. Thanks.


Steve Huckle Sun 5 Apr 2020 11:31AM

Nice work @Daniel Harris! Does anyone have any explanation for that spike around the 13th and 14th March?


Daniel Harris Sat 4 Apr 2020 10:01AM

We've been pretty fortunate at Kendraio as we've been largely unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic. But we can’t bring ourselves to just continue on as normal – our mission to increase everyone's ability to access, own and interact with data in meaningful ways, is now more relevant than ever. So, in this time of crisis, we've decided to partially shift focus to play our part. We've already started exploring how we can repurpose Kendraio App for live data visualisation and analysis, as you can see here:


In the next few days, we’ll be posting more than usual on social media, Medium and YouTube and we hope you’ll be able to join us in this journey and share this news with others who might be interested.We’re only a small team, so we welcome any assistance we can get: from development to testing to communications.

Drop a comment below this post or join our Slack group ( https://slack.kendra.io ), where we’re collaborating with our community and partners.

Cheers and stay safe!


Daniel Harris Sun 1 Mar 2020 8:08PM

Yes, graphql is fine @Lynn Foster . What do you want to do? Bring the people into this chat? We don't need them to commit to anything just yet. We don't them to be involved in our development process necessarily. They don't even need them to contribute anything. They just need to have needs. 🙂 We just need to start speaking with them. So, who are these people? Let's chat with them. Sooner rather than later. Yeah?


Lynn Foster Sun 1 Mar 2020 7:15PM

Thanks for getting back @Daniel Harris ! Nice to hear you have interest; Teosto sounds like a use case right up your alley, and very interesting. Please keep us informed if you can.

>But for this to be a useful exercise we need real users who want to use Kendraio App for their interface.

Totally agree.

>Obviously building for a backend that will soon be replaced is not optimum.

Unless the backend will be replaced by one with the same api, which will be the case for backends using ValueFlows. :) We'll keep our ears open, there could be possibilities on our end. It seems like it would need to be people who are committed to engaging with your development process too, can see that as part of their contribution for receiving a UI.

Are you still interested in doing a graphql interface?


Daniel Harris Sun 1 Mar 2020 6:36PM

Sorry for the delay @Lynn Foster ! And thanks for the nudge. Kendraio is getting more interest from a number of quarters. So I have been dealing with those enquiries. Anyway, what we really need to find are real groups who have real needs. We can build an interface in Kendraio App that can remain in place no matter what backend (=API) is swapped in or out. But for this to be a useful exercise we need real users who want to use Kendraio App for their interface. So, can we bring the potential developers and users directly into this conversation and see if we can all work/play together? Obviously building for a backend that will soon be replaced is not optimum. But if the people (users) stay the same then we can build a consistent experience and relationship. So, perhaps we need to think more in terms of finding groups which have resources and energy to contribute to the effort – and you may have mentioned these – so let's see who bites. Yeah?


Lynn Foster Tue 14 Jan 2020 8:28PM

>Check in with @Lynn Foster , @Bob Haugen and @Tiberius Brastaviceanu about plugging into the Sensorica platform?

Hmmm. There are a couple versions of the old NRP platform out there that have a ValueFlows api, although it is an older version of VF. I could bring it up to the current version if we figure out there is real benefit to doing so. Unfortunately, Sensorica's NRP does not have that api; but Sensorica does have interesting data in inventory; Tibi can talk about possible requirements if they are interested. And there's another group installing NRP-with-api soon that will have some inventory, more like documents/translations, media, and currency. (They're going to use NRP as a stop-gap only until newer distributed VF-based software is available. They have a developer who can work on it a bit.) There may be something that we could work out that would benefit Sensorica, and possibly other networks, but it will take a little discussion and creativity.


Daniel Harris Tue 14 Jan 2020 5:52PM

In our call this morning @pospi and @Daniel Harris talked... Action points...

  • Connect @Daniel Harris with @ivan (as he's more on the UI side of things).

  • Demo a simple "ValueFlows inventory management UI" on Kendraio App.

  • Investigate what Holochain is up to.

  • Check in with @Lynn Foster , @Bob Haugen and @Tiberius Brastaviceanu about plugging into the Sensorica platform?

Interfaces for building Flows: 
https://nodered.org/ - extremely powerful workflow designer software



Why Holochain:


Previous ValueFlows inventory management UI:
https://github.com/ivanminutillo/shroom/blob/b657801f893a4778e6d3b7f55665d4d9a4b98472/src/queries/getInventory.js (differs from most recent schema version, but fairly similar)




Daniel Harris Sun 12 Jan 2020 7:51PM

I wrote this elsewhere but want to repeat it here... I want to seed into our community's mindset the concept of strong individual groups (with governance boundaries) linked together by strong messaging (APIs and open protocols). This is how the Internet works and why it is so robust. Collectively we need to do the same. So, we don't all need to sign up to the same service but we need to interoperate all the services. Also, known as federated systems. And if we get to a point where P2P systems really can work and scale then great, the port over should be painless because we've done all the hard work already. Ta da! As you say, let's do it in 2020!

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