Mon 23 Nov 2015 9:30AM

OuiShare Fest 2016: those of us who are going; how can we support (and be supported by) ChangeTheFuture?

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Info about the event:

I'd like to discuss things like
• whether CTF can financially support people attending
• what value we can bring back to CTF


Luke Flegg Mon 23 Nov 2015 9:43AM

I'll let us discuss together before i jump to proposing anything, but I'd like very much to go to this and would like CTF to help financially.

To me it makes sense to have a standard/default contribution from CTF for events; I thought 75% of ticket + transport seemed sensible.

It makes sense to me that this should be reimbursed to people who have committed by buying their ticket + transport.

I also feel like it makes sense for CTF's money handlers to have a break and be able to do all reimbursing once a month if they feel overstretched by requests for instant reimbursement (as we've had in the past!)

If anyone is in financial hardship & unable to pay for the event/travel up front, I'd like us to make some provision for them which they're aware if & feel entitled to but not sure how!


Greg Madison Mon 23 Nov 2015 10:37AM

I agree Luke, as long as CTF can afford it. The ticket price, plus transport and accommodation will add up for OuiShare... Personally I would like a small group of people to be able to meet and take some time to come up with a proposal rather than it coming from just one person.


Alex Chozabu P-B Mon 23 Nov 2015 12:05PM

Greg - why a small group of people? I'm rather happy to have a wide open discussion!

Last year I was supported by CTF in going to OuiShare - and it was interesting-ish, though I'm not sure exactly what I brought back to CTF from it.

I feel CollabCamp was very interesting, and I gained some really good contacts, learned more about various ways of working with groups, had deep discussions with people on topics related to CTFs core Ideals, was given decent constructive criticism which enabled me to better interact with CTF, and more!

I'd love to see more feedback from the things CTF Funds in general!


Greg Madison Mon 23 Nov 2015 12:15PM

Hi Alex. At the moment we have two formats - 1. Everyone tries to make a decision and it does not work well and only attracts minimal interest anyway, or 2. One person on their own comes up with a proposal and puts it to the group. I would like to propose a small group talk through a proposal before it goes to the group - this, in my experience (for eg. last nights Working Retreat group meeting) means proposals that have already been carefully thought-through by a small group are put the group. Then discussion happens in a more focused way I think. A wide-open discussion still happens, but discussion of what? I think more clear discussion occurs from more focused proposals....


Alex Chozabu P-B Mon 23 Nov 2015 4:46PM

(sidenote, loomio uses markdown formatting, so a newline is not a new line unless you put two spaces at the end of the previous line, or two newlines for a paragaph break - https://www.loomio.org/markdown )

I'm not sure what you mean about the "two formats" currently?

So, I have no objection to a small group coming up with something, or discussions happening quietly outside of the group - the main thing I'm not so totally happy about is (perhaps me misunderstanding) you requesting luke should talk about it in a small private group before posting such a question publicly!

To me, this kind of discussion is in no way final, it's just a discussion! Even if it leads to a proposal - that is in no way final, and and be tweaked, refined, re-thought and re-proposed.

It is a bit of a pain how loomio works, with only 1 proposal at a time, and no multiple choice/polls (I'd rather use FB, VE, or VF) - feels like it is harder to work out the best option.

I guess what I am saying, is that the last thing I want is for us to feel like we have to go through a small (offline) group before posting it to the wider (online) group - which is still actually a very small group (looking at active participants)


Luke Flegg Tue 24 Nov 2015 1:04AM

Really appreciating the angles on this, from both of you but feel it's gone slightly off topic and our upcoming Working Retreat is going to be exploring & deciding how we organise + make decisions (unless someone blocks/suggests something even more popular. It closes in 5 days ; )

I much prefer in person meetings generally, but am undecided whether I think they're realistic (time/commitment wise) as a way of forming every proposal we make like how much to financially supporting people going to this particular event.. I don't see why a bit of discussion here can't gather some viewpoints and lead us to creating a proposal once it feels like we've got an actionable idea that sounds appealing to us all..

PS. Alex, I believe Greg was describing the 2 main ways he's experienced decision making happening in CTF so far (usually either 1 person jumping the gun and just proposing things, or the entire group [as much as possible] all half-engages with a fragmented discussion/proposal, with little driver