Thu 21 Jan 2021 3:38PM

[press communiqué] Privacy issues - covid-related

RVE Renaud Van Eeckhout Public Seen by 27

As I mentioned in the discussion thread about Privacy (https://www.loomio.org/d/MFlI5guG/ppbe-topic-privacy/31), there is a new issue with privacy and covid. Please read the message and/or the press article.

I think we (PPBe) should write a press communiqué and send it to the press+publish it. It shouldn't be long, just saying what the problem is this time, and adding that we have already asked some months ago that Robben must resign and that the CSI/IVC should be dismantled so we're only repeating what we already demanded.

First, please say if you agree (it's necessary otherwise it just can't go forward). If you disagree and/or want to change something, please explain/contribute.

I opened a pad for the text communiqué : https://pad.parley.be/p/covid-art8


Lander Meeusen Thu 21 Jan 2021 6:48PM

I agree completely. Gave some suggestions for the text and I can translate to Dutch, but won't have time until sunday evening. If someone else can help sooner, go for it.

I can also compile a list of Dutch-speaking press contacts. Shouldn't we keep a list like that on the wiki somewhere?

As soon as it's ready I would post it on our web-page so we can also share it through our own channels.


Jelle Debusscher Thu 21 Jan 2021 7:11PM



Renaud Van Eeckhout Sun 24 Jan 2021 12:52PM

Thanks for the support and the input. I think the current version is ok now. It requires translation now in French and Dutch. And then sending on monday or tuesday to the press (both french and dutch-speaking) and publish it on the website. I can do the french parts for the three tasks (and both languages for the website) and will keep you updated.

@Lander Meeusen : unless the list is only with generic addresses (like [email protected]), it's ok but I guess at least some of the email addresses are or might be personal addresses (even if it's professional, it's still a private info). For the French part, I do have a file (spreadsheet) with french-speaking addresses, which I use when we send a communiqué and I update it if necessary, so it would indeed be a good idea to have one for the dutch-speaking press and to not share it (until we have someday a workgroup for the press that can handle it better).


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 25 Jan 2021 11:07AM

The translation to french is done on the pad, I'll send it by the end of the afternoon and publish it on the website at the same time.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 25 Jan 2021 3:27PM

Update : the communiqué has been sent to the french-speaking press, and the french translation is published https://fr.pirateparty.be/mesures-anti-covid-le-parti-pirate-de-belgique-sonne-lalarme-en-raison-de-craintes-pour-la-vie-privee/ (please share)

I'm available to publish the dutch translation if someone could do it (no automated translation please).

The text in english and french on the pad : https://pad.parley.be/p/covid-art8


Lander Meeusen Tue 26 Jan 2021 2:58PM

I translated it in Dutch. I'll try to compile a list of generic media-addresses. I propose we store these on the wiki.

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Renaud Van Eeckhout Wed 27 Jan 2021 12:17PM

It has now been published in dutch on the website (thanks @Lander Meeusen ) : https://nl.pirateparty.be/persbericht-maatregelen-tegen-covid-19-de-piratenpartij-van-belgie-slaat-alarm-uit-vrees-voor-privacy/ (please share)

We just need someone to take responsibility to send it to the dutch-speaking press now, please show up if you want to do that :)


Lander Meeusen Wed 27 Jan 2021 4:53PM

Why can't we use the general [email protected] address to send it to everybody? That seems more professional to me.