Fri 21 Sep 2018 9:54AM

August board meeting (missing minutes)

GMD Gregory Marler (former Director) Public Seen by 200

As we didn't take minutes during the meeting, I've written this. Can the board members that were present please approve it or suggest amendments.


Gregory Marler (former Director) Fri 21 Sep 2018 9:55AM

No formal minutes were taken during the meeting. Shared spreadsheets are used for tracking actions, and this meeting reviewed them and added two actions.



Ops Review current actions
Enquiries and contacts to/from Board members
Microsoft querying have we compared OSM to OS open data? …..find someone for St Albans (nobody on OSM UK members list)
Finance update
Membership update
Strategy for 2018-19
How do we measure success?
Talent Directory
expand talent directory to paid/unpaid
Updating OSM Wiki / UK Pages
maybe pick on particular content
Notes App
QP update
Brian to run loomio poll mid september for re-run of previous Qps
Northampton University
Reports from events SOTM 2018 – Greg / Rob
Future Events
UK Mapping Festival 4-6 Sept 2018,
Offer of free stand + tickets
[TBD] BP to reply to offer before end of Friday 10 Aug saying yes/no. JN on holiday.
London Brighton Digital Festival Sept 2018
JN met event organiser and agreed to speak. May be cancelled due to event organiser family illness
No need to discuss in meeting. JN to await further word
Data4Good 14 November 2018, Birmingham
no need to discuss in meeting. BJP to await further word
Open Data Camp 10/11 Nov 2018, Aberdeen
SOTM 21-23 Sept 2019, Heidelberg
[JN] We should encourage an even bigger turnout from UK next time
JN contacted ODI Manchester about running a Joy Diversion session and they are keen.
British Heart Foundation defibrillator map
Brian to contact BHF.
Waylens from Telenav
Greg received at SotM
To send to Rob so it can be hired out (alternative to 360 cam hire)
Birmingham City Council Case Study
Brian to adopt rob’s feedback
Northampton University New Campus mapping (Brian). Quote raised and accepted. PO on its way.Work booked for 20-21 Aug


Gregory Marler (former Director) Wed 10 Oct 2018 6:36PM

Adam chaired this meeting.


RobJN Wed 10 Oct 2018 9:24PM

I thought we said it was @jeznicholson who chaired it...??


Gregory Marler (former Director) Thu 11 Oct 2018 10:43AM

oh, that's probably my hearing mixing up voices on the call