Wed 9 Nov 2022 7:48PM

Dashboard login

CJ Christopher Jackson Public Seen by 73

Is anyone having problems logging in to the dashboard? I’m trying via Edge and Chrome on my iPhone, and the three horizontal line link in the top-left that normally brings up the login options isn’t working. It might just be me…


Evan Goldstein Wed 9 Nov 2022 7:53PM

i am able to log in right now.. (firefox)


Alainna Wrigley Wed 9 Nov 2022 8:46PM

Thanks for this report! When the three-line icon/hamburger icon is the only option in the navigational bar, I also am unable to log in due to not seeing a menu.

Will try to reproduce in multiple environments, then the trace the error and flag to address.

In the meantime, please use https://eartharxiv.org/login/ to access the Dashboard.


Mohamed Gouiza Wed 9 Nov 2022 8:55PM

I get the same problem when trying from my iPhone. But it works fine on the iPad, because the menu on the top is expanded.

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Christopher Jackson Wed 9 Nov 2022 9:36PM

Thanks all for the replies! Let us know how you get on Alainna.


Alainna Wrigley Tue 7 Mar 2023 6:48PM

Hello everyone, this issue should now be resolved in EarthArXiv. Please let us know if you see it again!


Christopher Jackson Wed 8 Mar 2023 8:12AM

Thanks for the update, @Alainna Wrigley!