Sat 26 Sep 2015 6:01PM

Please vote on logo options

PP Priya Prakash Public Seen by 214

Hello all-

I have made a quick sketch for couple of colours for logo. This is a placeholder logo. We can keep updating the logo (think Google doodle). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Doodle

Have tried to incorporate elements of that from current working logo.

Consider this as V1. The files are on Dropbox.

Feel free to have a play adapt it. Main thing is we need something to go with right now for all our social media etc accounts. This is my 2p take at logo .


Priya Prakash Sat 26 Sep 2015 6:02PM

Here are the files - Vote for any of the 6 options or propose a new logo by tomorrow 27th Sunday 5PM GMT.



Priya Prakash Sat 26 Sep 2015 8:02PM

Option 3 with bigger text as requested by @mugdhasethi


Shailaja Shah Sun 27 Sep 2015 8:10AM

PS, I also like Sid's DIF logo idea :)


Priya Prakash Sun 27 Sep 2015 11:18AM

Guys -
Need to get others to vote as well. We can like many - but for campaign need to go with one. Please make life easier - by making a choice. No one will get hurt/annoyed etc :) Just be bold and choose one for now. Do bear in mind it will come across social media etc and needs to be legible.

Please decide on :
1. Circle logo - @priyaprakash1 - options 1 to 6
2. NID style logo - @siddharthachats - options 1 to 6



siddhartha chatterjee Tue 29 Sep 2015 4:25AM

Hi, sorry late again, been away
For what it's worth my vote was and is for
1. Circle logo - @priyaprakash1 - option 3


Diana irani Wed 30 Sep 2015 3:50AM

I am good


Diana irani Wed 30 Sep 2015 3:56AM

Sorry I thought the options were the circle logos variously colour options so commented -ok
I do liked the flipped Nid into Dif and the last one I saw that Sid had put up I thought it was specific to Dif activity at Nid -


Shailaja Shah Wed 30 Sep 2015 5:36AM

no worries Di, logo is not top priority, but we need to have consisitent use of the logo wherever we use it :)

[email protected] ( [email protected] )


siddhartha chatterjee Wed 30 Sep 2015 1:23PM

Hey again,
Can't see a way to vote! If the logo vote can be reopened,
I'd probably pick the fresher nature range, blue-green-yellow. Though I like the red and blue one more in itself. Also like the systemic approach, identity colour variations for different cities.

The one with just the initials DIF is stronger than the full word.

If we're google-doodling and eventually turning this into a monthly contest, the simpler and cleaner the better. I really like the venn-diagram, circle and sphere associations. @Priya - this sort of logo appeals to me, clean, classy. And reminds me of the writings of peter sloterdjik, interesting philosopher who works with what he calls spherology.

The one I'd sent could be more relevant and fun at NID, as Di also suggests. To launch a #DIFlogo contest, install something behind the concrete (visible only from inside the main gate?!) or other MAD make-a-dif stuff we all come up with to build momentum.


Shailaja Shah Wed 30 Sep 2015 2:56PM

i think a logo contest is really a great way of engaging the difmakers community